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Trying to conceive, currently 6 days delayed period, diagnosed with hyperthyroidism

So I’ve been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism for 2 years now and have been given anti thyroid meds by my doctor (started with PTU now Methimazole). But my cycles have always been on time, 33-35 days and last for 5 days with a moderate-heavy flow. I have been tracking my cycles ever since using the Clue app and I could say my cycles are regular.

Last May 24 (11 days before my actual period date was due), I bled like period (moderate flow) but it only lasted for 2 days. And it went on with inconsistent brown to light pink spotting afterwards. I’m confused if it could be implantation bleeding? But can IB look like a period? If I’d assume that isn’t my period yet, I’m 19dpo by now and 6 days delayed. That was the first time that happened to me as my cycles have always been regular even since I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

I was just wondering if you have hyperthyroidism does that mean you can’t conceive? Are there anyone from here who had hyperthyroidism and ended up getting pregnant? :( I’ve been getting my blood work done every month and they’re going well every month except for my TSH which is progressing slowly.

Thank you! x
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You might have better luck getting feedback in our Thyroid Disorders community: https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Thyroid-Disorders/show/73
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