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Trying to conceive at 40

Hi, I’m a mom to two boys 5 and 7. After years of debating with my husband on trying for a third we’re leaning towards doing it but we are concerned of the chances for birth defects or complications given my age. Is it my understanding that most of everything can be tested and detected in the womb? Is there anything that isn’t definitive or the baby could be at risk of? We just want to weigh all the risks since this is such a big decision.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Hello, I think that you will likely be fine.  I had my boys in right under 40, one year apart.  I chose not to do the chromosome testing because I felt like my age alone would skew the results.  My first son does have sensory integration disorder but there is no information on what causes that. This is when sound, bright lights, too much stimulation bother a child.  My second son doesn't have any issues.  My sister had her third child at 41.  No issues at all.  I was a career woman along with other women and we all had our kids (first children) later into the 40's.  None have issues. That's a small sampling, of course. That you've also had other children, you will likely get pregnant easier than those who are attempting first pregnancy at that age.  I will say this, start trying NOW. Give yourself only 6 months and then see your doctor if you don't conceive. It does take the average couple up to a year or so to conceive but your time line may need to be quicker with any hormonal or other intervention given. Try as you normally would, but check in with your doctor if it doesn't happen. I had my first and my doctor said to start trying right away for our second thinking it might take a bit of time.  5 months later, bam, pregnant and now two sons 15 months apart!  I would not be worried to try because of birth defects.  More and more women are having babies later now. Let me know how it goes!
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