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Trying to get pregnant

So confused!!! Went to obgyn for irregular periods and expressed we are trying to get pregnant but aren’t sure how because bleeding is so bad and we never know when I’m ovulating. She put me on Norethindrone 5mg daily. I’ve been reading online ad I see it says birth control?!? Why would she put me on that when I tie her we were trying to get pregnant!?!? Help
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She may be trying to get your cycles to regulate I would guess? Have you tried using OPKs? That would help you pin point ovulation. I would start testing  earlier then the directions say...some women ovulate early.  Also, make sure to tell your doc when you’ve been trying to conceive for a year.  Hopefully it doesn’t take that long for success but if it does she will either do some testing for you & your SO and start with basic fertility help or send you to a RE (reproductive endocrinologist). Wishing you both the best on your journey.
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Hi, honey. I'm sorry you're facing trouble conceiving. I totally understand your concerns. Did you tell your Dr for how long you have been trying? Then I believe she wants to have you on pills in order to balance your periods and then proceed with treatments. I've read quite often ladies were using birth control pills for months, then got off the pill and successfully got prego. If you still have all those concerns, do adress them directly to your Dr. She'll explain her treatment plan for you. Hope you've got more peace at heart so far. All the very best.
Great advice. Honey, you need to discuss everything with your doctor that you are facing.
After that he/she will be able to provide you right guide and treatment.
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Hello, the Norethindrone is intended to, correct any hormonal issues you may be having and to boost your health. however, it may cause irregular periods. In my opinion, what she tried to do was to fix any issues you may be having, then begin with the right treatments to help you conceive. Anyways I personally used and think is the safest treatment is a natural product which contained ashwagandha and vitex. I do not know if you have heard of these herbs but they have been used for centuries by women trying to conceive. These herbs have the ability to regulate cycles and provide balance to hormones. I used a product made from these and it was amazing for me
How do you use them?? And where can they be bought?? THANKS
It was called Conception by EU Natural. I took one tablet, twice per day with food. I bought my bottle from ebay but I think you can get some on amazon too or Walmart. The reason i tried this and am recommending it to you is that it is made from completely natural vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. Check it out :)
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Do not forget also taking your vitamins daily. Studies link low levels of vitamin D to irregular periods. They suggest that taking vitamin D daily may help regulate menstruation. It has also other health benefits. including lowering the risk of certain diseases, aiding weight loss, and reducing depression. Vitamin D is often added to some foods, including milk and other dairy products, and cereal. You can also get vitamin D from sun exposure or through supplementation. B vitamins are often prescribed to women trying to conceive. Be sure to buy supplements from reputable sources!
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This is what you can also try to ''nurish'' your body for pregnancy. #
Take a good quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which contains vitamins A, B, E and C complex, zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron and Co-enzyme Q10. which play a vital role in the fertilisation and implantation process. Essential fatty acids are vitally important. Wheat Grass to keep your FSH in check and Royal Jelly to nourish your egg quality.
Make sure you are getting enough folic acid in your everyday diet as research shows this prevents neural tube defects.
Acupuncture is now, without a doubt, one of the best ways to enhance your success rates. It will reduce your stress, enhance your ovarian function, and increase blood supply to your reproductive organs.
Other therapies such as reflexology, hypnotherapy, yoga, or massage can also help. Alos the feel-good factor and endorphin buzz produced by regular sexual intercourse can really help to alleviate stress.
Then a well balanced diet will absolutely help your chances of success. Take part in the fertility diet to enhance your reproductive organs and ensure good quality blood supply to the uterus. Good quality blood supply to the uterus increases protein and nutrient secretion around implantation, which your embryos will love.
Also get your partner on the Sperm Diet.
Hoping for you.
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