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Two week wait post transfer

Hi everyone, I am new to this and desperately need advice. My Husband and I just went thru our first cycle of IVF and have been TTC x 3 yrs. I had my ER on 4/13 on ET on 4/16. We are not scheduled for our beta unti 4/28 and I am freaking out!!!! I have been a wreck this entire time, now worse tonight where I cannot seem to stop crying.

I just want to know soooo bad and I have no control over this. My worry is that I do not have any symptoms. I have had no spotting/bleeding. Is this normal? I feel like I should be feeling pregnant and the fact that I have no symptoms. Also, I know we arent supposed to but i took a HPT today and it was BFN. can ppl please share with me their stories of the TWW and if they had any symptoms and also if you took HPT and if they were negaitve??

thanks so much!!!!
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You should not expect feel any particular symptoms this early, they can be really subtle or not yet at all.  The doctor schedules the blood test for the first day he finds it to be 100% reliable.  And that's a blood test.  If you jump the gun by four days and also do a urine test (which is not as sensitive) you're just asking to disappoint yourself, so don 't worry that it was in any way conclusive.  I had an early blood test and it was negative, when I was in fact pregnant.  Don't expect a positive until the day you go in for the blood test.
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I hope that didn't sound too brusque.  Unfortunately, only time will tell you what you need to know, and luckily it's not that much more time.  Try to calm down, I know that's hard when you're under the hormone loads of IVF, but it is really a lot better for you and the baby to stop stressing.  
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I know how you feel, going crazy also. I am scheduled for my blood test on 4/29/11. Extremly  worried  because I feel like i am getting my menstraul, I have all the symptoms I usually get.
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Hello ladies,

Thanks so much, getting fast replies sure do help ease the mind.

Annie brooke - no you didnt sound brusque at all! I know that all i really need to do is sit back and relax and wait and see and time will tell all, but its soooooo much easier said than done. :-( Have you gone thru IVF? If so, tell me your story, would love to hear others stories.

Powerful5 - Crazy is a great descriptive word to how we are both feeling!!! haha and i am almost positive my hubby has had enough of me. We've been at this for over two years between the Clomid, IUI's and now IVF. I just hope this one works!!! I am soooo nervous I feel like vomiting! haha.  You take your blood test on the 29th and i take mine on the 28th!!! We better keep in touch with eachother!!!!

Does anyone know if i did the ET on the 16th, when could I realistically take a HPT with an actual accurate answer? My last HCG trigger shot was 4/11. It sure is hard because we havent told any friends and not much family so I have nobody to talk to about this, only my husband and....see above, hes totally annoyed with me between the hormones and the constant crying and the "what if its negative?"

I had cramping a couple days after my transfer but it since then has subsided, now I noticed today by breasts feel not necessarily sore, but "heavy" if that makes sense, like they hurt hanging, sorry TMI. I am just hoping I am not gtg my AF.
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BNik7 its hard, I am also driving my husband crazy. But he's worries silently, I know he is as nervous as i am. But you know men have to always be macho lol. I  think I read every forum possible on the web on 2ww, looking for hope anything to keep me positive.
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Unfortunately, if you want to 'realistically take an HPT with an actual accurate answer' you have to do it after your blood test.  The doc schedules a blood test on a certain day because he thinks that is the first day a blood test will get an actual accurate answer, and blood tests are much more sensitive than urine-based tests.  If you have an unusually high hCG number (such as with multiples), you might be able to get a home-test answer sooner than the blood test, if you want to risk seeing "not pregnant" on the test.  The lab tech at my clinic says there are are a lot of times when someone has come in all downcast because the home test said negative and have found out they were pregnant.  

Keep in mind that a lot of the crying and emotion is estrogen-driven.  (A friend who was on it used to cry listening to the news on NPR in the morning when she was taking a shower.)  This also holds true if you get a true negative and have to stop the shots and all, (I hope you don't experience this. :) ) -- there is a time period even after stopping them when all emotion feels weirdly overdone.  If you don't usually weep and keen and say "Why?"  "Why?" and all the melodrama, and you are now, it's probably the hormones.  You should tell this to your husband.

I would try to make it a point in the next few days to do something like go walk around at the mall, because it will be routine enough to calm you and somewhat entertaining, and it does help to pass the time.  If you stress so much that you're always in tears, that's not a welcoming environment for the baby, and you're all about welcoming a baby right now.

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We also did a ET on 4/16 and I go in to test on 4/28.  I can't hardly stand this wait.  What's your IVF story?  How many embryos, ect.?  I have had a weird lower back ache, kind of a dull ache, for the last few days.  Nothing much else in the way of symptoms.  I am just praying for a BFP as I'm so tired of the disappointment.  It *****, doesn't it?  We also didn't tell anyone we were going through this as I am somewhat guarded and don't want the judgement of the ignorant to come raining down on me.  People that have never experienced infertility issues have no idea.  

Hopefully the 28th will be an awesome day for both of us!  
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Ha!  Apparently s-ucks is a bad word on here.  Sorry!  

I forgot to tell you that I caved and took an HPT as well a few days ago.  It was a BFN.  Ugh!  I keep doing the math in my head saying "well this is when I would have ovulated" so it should be okay to test by now.  Taking it has done me absolutely no good, yet I want to desperately buy another and do it again....just hoping for an early BFP.  
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Hey girl,

Wow thanks for all the great support on here! I actually feel much better. I like you, caved also and took another HPT today and all three (I know I obsessive and crazy! ha!) were BFN. boo!!!!! I am sad about that but then again, they are not accurate results as I have been told.

I would love to hear your IVF story as well!!! Pls share!

I am a 28 y/o, been with my hubby for 8 years and our 3-year wedding anniversary is tmrw 4/27, the day before we find out if we are pregnant! Woohoo! That is our gift to eachother since we have already put out close to $20G with all of this.

Anyways, my IVF story is kinda long. We have been trying for 2-3 years. We initially tried for 15 months before actually going to m obgyn for a checkup, my hormone level showed that my thyroid was off and they had believed that this had been the culprit of my infertility. My husband SA was normal. I went on thyroid meds, normalized my level and stil no baby or pregnancy. I found that I wasnt ovulating. We tried Clomid x 6 months which did nothing. I then went on to have 3 rounds of IUI with no succes. I finally went to a RE who within 20 minutes and one vag  U/S had found that I had a uterine septum requiring surgery. I had surgery to have in removed and also had my R tube unblocked which was partially cloged they said. Finally, after all of that recovery of an abdominl surgery, still no baby. My RE decided it would be best to do IVF

We retrieved 18 eggs, 11 which had fertilized after the first night after ICSI. We had 4 Grade 1, 8-celled staged embryos ( I think I worded that right) and decided to Cryo 5 just in case this round doesnt work.

Does anyone know that if this round doesnt work, when are you allowed to go ahead with the second round of IVF. I know the process is a little different since they dont have to retrieve the eggs and it is much simpler. My rear is sooooo bruised and sore from all these shots!!! LOL! Anyone else????  And we are doing nightly cocoa butter suppositories and MVT daily.

my doc said it was ok to drink caffeine until we found out the preg test, anyone know if this is true? It seems like we would want to avoid it if you think you are preg, as Pregnant women cant have caffeine.

Thanks everyone!!!!

Brittany :-)
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Check your inbox.  =)


How many did you end up transferring?  I wasn't paying attention, but so excited that we both test tomorrow.  Do you know why your dr. had you do cocoa butter suppositories?  What is MVT?  

I haven't had caffeine for a long time, b/c I've read that it can have an effect on your fertility.  The few articles I read said 3 or 4 servings of coffee or pop, but I was well beyond that.  You might look it up.  

Good luck tomorrow and enjoy your special day today!  =)
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SK032---------Well????? How did your test go?

Just got some bad news......my first beta on Tuesday was 7 and had my second beta today that came back at 8. The Nurse had called me and had told me that IVF didnt work. I am super sad and havent stopped crying for about 3 hours. I had to come home early from work as did my hubby bc I was so upset.

anyways, I hope yours was successful!!!!

Woud love any hope encouragement or any advice about these low betas. For some reason, and call me crazy, but I stil feel like I could be pregnant. my numbers havent doubled as they should have, but they did technically rise......right? or am i just fooling myself???

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So sorry!!!!

BFN no for me, too.  My beta was 0.0.  Can't get any worse than that.  I'm so sorry you are having to endure this pain as well.  It's crappy.  Not sure I'm going to try again right away. We don't have the money and I feel like paying that kind of money for an unsure thing is maybe not wise.  My husband said it's like buying a very expensive lottery ticket.  

What I do think I'm going to try is acupuncture.  I have heard a lot of good things from people who did it along with IVF or IUI.  My friend who is very similar to me age-wise, unexplained infertility, ect.  decided to do acupuncture and chinese herbs and after 3 months she was pregnant.  She's now into her second trimester.  She's continued the acupuncture through the first trimester and swears by it.  I figure it's worth a shot.  

Do you have a Plan B?  Keep in touch.  
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No words can explain how you are feeling right now,  I am so sorry  it didnt work.


Dont give up, We all want it to work the first time. But I read stories where it worked the 2nd and 3rd time. The strength of a women is great, we endure pain, but some how we are able to get back up and try again.

Tomorrow is my appointment, will keep you posted. Hoping for the best. Because we spent everything we had trying. Financially physically and mentally we are drained.

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OMG!!!!  BOth of our first IVF cycles were neg! This totally *****!!!  I am so sorry to you also for this horrible loss. I keep thinking of all the time and prep and planning this has taken over the last month with injection timings, making sure my husband got off of work early to do the injections, mixing it right, going to my appointments and strictly avoiding intercourse!!! How stressful and all for nothin I feel. I feel ripped off in a sense, but I guess that is normal.

Well my plan B is to do an FET in June. My doc said I will most likey "expel" my embryos in 2-3 days and start bleeding. Hopefully late June for round 2. Did you have any frozen? We still have 5 frozen embryos.

Ive also heard acupuncture is awesome! Even while doing IVF/FET that is helps aid in successful pregnancies. Good idea, its worth a shot. afterall, what do we have to loose?

Hang in there, email me if you need to chat more.

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good luck powerful!!!!!! Let us know how it goes!!!!!! You will be in my thoughts tmrw on the 29th!!!!!

Fingers Crossed!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the prays, but my also was Negative. I am really having a bad day.Cried all day, dont wan't to do anything. Talking to people who understands, what I am going thru really helps. Its so hard when you tried doing everything right. I even did acupuncture,before and after transfer.

I asked the  doctor so many question today, trying to figure out what went wrong. What to do next. How soon can we start again(financially its going to be so hard, spent about 16,000 already) but I hate to quit. I felt like a desperate women today in the doctors.

Then I came home and starting question god, why not me. I know GOD HAS A PLAN FOR ALL OF US. But today i really felt let down. why do some women have kids left and right.  ANd others have to go thru so much ,a nd still be let down. And I know we all will make great mom.

Saying a pray for everyone who is in they2ww, and praying they all get a positive outcome.

!!!!!!!!Sorry if my post was a little depressing!!!!!!!!!

Ladies please keep in touch

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I am so sorry for your loss. Was this your first round? I was the same way with the doctor and I just couldnt believe it.

I am so sorry. if you need to chat, I am here.
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Hi all,

I am sorry for those who the tests came out negative for this round. Please don't be discourage. I have read many posts and some had tried for six years.

In just want to share my story and hope it might be helpful to others. I am 40 years old and this is my second cycle. The first one was in Jan 2011 and transfer on Feb, my pregnancy test was neg on March 9,11. I started breeding on March 4th, before my blood test. I kinda know that I was not pregnant, and the result confirmed it later. I was not upset b/c I felt like I knew.

I started my second right away and March 4th was considered my day 1 period. I got 10 eggs foe the second time (the first time I got 7 eggs and fertilized 4, but they were not very strong. I used all my boyfriend's sperm). My second I used two donor eggs and my boyfriend's, 1/3 of each. I got 4 fertilized eggs with three had 6 cells and the 4th was not too good. I decided to transfer all 4 to me.

The day before the transfer, I got a could and continue util today, the 7th post transfer. The cold gets worse and I am sick like a dog. But what bothers me is that the cough is so bad and is nonstop. I have been told that I will not drive the embies out, but I worry that it will effect the fertilization growth. The cough was so bad last night that I couldn't sleep and neither did my boyfriend. I choked myself on a cough drop last night. Luckily it came out quickly after and it was too big to go into the wrong pipe.

Anyway, I didn't pay attention to the symptoms and signs util today after reading many posts. I don't remember if I have any cramp, but certainly I have a mood swing, sore breasts and get hungry often. But me breasts are like this since I take the hormone and medication for the cycle. And I the mood swing I don't want to have a false hope because I have that every month during my period and way, (poor my boyfriend). besides, I think the hormone might have cause my mood swing as well. The fact that I am hungry might cause by anything, again hormone might cause it and I generally like food.

Anyway, I find comfort reading all your posts, thank you.No matter, I still have hope and will wait for the blood test the Friday. I pray for you all, good luck everyone!!!
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Correction: I use donor's sperms, not donor's eggs!!!
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just checking in to see how everything is going. I wasnt sure if you are trying again.

Hope all is well.
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hi everyone.. im new to this forum and just like many of you im crossing my fingers and hope this cycle works for me.. I wish all the best luck! stay positive I had been reading many successful stories.. this is my 6 iui.. and monday I have a dr. appt. to see how my follies are growing..im excited and at the same time nervous..
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