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Two week wait

Hi There - anyone else on the dreaded 2 week wait. I had my transfer today, 2nd cycle, went for 2 embies this time. Both were Grade 2 (its day 4) which is better than last cycle as i only had a grade 3 to be tranferred that hadnt developed in 24 hours. Dreading the wait, and trying not to think about the disapointment we have already suffered. Please say prayers for us xxx
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To Hopefulthisyr - This is my first IVF and I had my transfer on Tuesday, 3/27.  I too am reluctantly waiting.  I'm sorry about your first disappointment and I just wanted you to know that I will be praying for you and wish you a blessed outcome this time.  Stay positive and engage yourself in a very moving book to pass the time!!! Sticky dust & thoughts your way!!!  
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I wish you all the best-I hope this is it for you.  You are right, it is the dreaded 2 week wait.  I hope it goes by fast and your little miracle is on his/her (or both!) way
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I wish you all the best and will say a prayer for you.
I started my two week wait on Weds after an iui. I find out May 12 (if I don't start my period before then).  May 12 happens to be my 40 th birthday. I am hoping it will be a happy birthday...
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I am just finishing my 2ww with a  BFP!! Had been feeling v, v, tired that i almost passed out on the sofa, so rang my dr, not the ivf clinic, and my dr told me a nurse would do a blood test, called me in the afternoon yesterday(had test in morning) and confirmed def preg, hgc a nice level and will reble time i go for official test at clinic this monday 3rd. it is the hardest part of the cycle, the waiting and not knowing whats going on. I even had 5 extra days of menopur so was quite bruised at end of stimming but still would say the 2ww is the hardest. its no good saying relax because i didnt but i did carry on as normally as  i could, i.e didnt keep resting, ate and drank normal, still did physical stuff and now i am 3 wks 4 days pregnant! sending you baby dust and my best wishes. melissax
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Thanks everyone for your messages, so nice to know that there are toher people out there that know what your going through.

Bless4life - my prayers are with you, and lots of baby dust!

nshapland - wishing u all the best also - what a wonderful birthday present that would be!! Is this your first cycle?

Mel4141 - Congratulations!! Funnily enough i "thought" I had so many PG syptoms last time. Sore breats, fatigue, nausea - but I think that was my response to the drugs so I am going to try not to look into things so much thins time. Do you mind me asking what greade your embie was and what cycle this is for you?
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I just had my transfer yesterday on 4/30/10. We transfered 1 8 cell 1 7 cell 1 4 cell! RE was very pleased with there quality. So now on the two week dreaded wait. Good Luck to all You will all be in our prayers. Sticky baby dust to us all!
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I jsut had my embryo trns. yesterday 04/30, this is my 2nd attemt.  They trnsferd 2 8 cell or greater embryos(a blast and a early blast)  I fel great right now I wish I had some sort of symptom so I new if they are implanting or not.  Last time I hyperstimulated and the whole process was really hard, this time everything is going a little to perfect it make my husband and I nervous.  We have our 1st preg. test 05/6 and our 2nd to confirm preg. 05/08.  I will keep yah posted and let me know how you make out!!! Good luck

RockNLocker---Good luck also!!
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Thanks Looks like we are on the same time line for testing. Lets keep in touch. Should help to pass the time on his aweful 2ww! I'm on bed rest and about to go crazy. Slight cramping this morning but nothing else. Good luck to you as well.
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I am on day one of my tww after IUI #4 on Friday. MY RE doesnt do a beta unless my hpt is positive, and I am REALLY hoping this cycle is the one, otherwise I have to decide if we can afford IVF.

NSH-I hope you get a big BFP for your birthday!

MEL- Congrats! It is always nice to hear about happy positive stories!

Baby Dust to All
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I'm also on TWW post IUI on Sunday and Monday. My Beta is on May 9th (mothers day!) I hope to get a nice surprise and not test before then (it will be 12 days post IUI then).  Having some symptoms.  I feel hot, a bit crampy and had brief right ovulation type pain in my right side (side where all 3 follies were).  However I'm also on Prometrium so it may be that)

Good luck everyone and let's definitely try to keep each other sane while waiting!!
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definitely will keep in touch. Ill have my blood test on 15/5 with the 1st scan on 3/6.
Fingers and toes crossed to all of you, thanks for the chat.
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