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Uterine lining questions & why it didn't work...

     Please give me your opinions or experiences about the following: I just found out I'm not pregnant after my 1st cycle of ivf.  Here's what I think might have been the problem:
     First, I had some polyps in my uterus removed about 3 weeks before transfer, which caused spotting for a few days.  I was also on the pill leading up to the injections and I forgot to take to it 2 days in a row, which caused me to spot even more, even after I got back on the pill.  I told the doctor and a nurse about it, but they didn't seem concerned.  Now I'm wondering if that could have been the reason for the failed cycle.  Does anyone have any insight, thoughts, or similar experiences to share?  Thanks!
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What was your lining on the day of your u/s before your trigger?
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I seriously doubt that missing two days of bcp's caused your cycle to fail.  From what I read from the expert on the fertility forum, the largest factor in the success of a cycle is egg quality.  If you're in your 20's and very early 30's, egg quality is usually good - after 35, it declines and so forth making IVF cycles less successful usually due to age.
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well a friend of mine is seeing my RE and she too has polyps and they need to be removed. The Dr told her before she can do IVF she has to wait 3 month so that the lining of the uterus can heal. having polyps removed is like having a D&C scraping of the uterus. And well three weeks isn't enough time to heal. Thats why you were still bleeding throughout your IVF cycle. I had a miscarrige in December and had a D&C and it took me three months to regulate my periods after that.
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Thanks, everyone.  I had heard that some doctors want to wait at least a month after having polyps removed, but I'm approaching 40 soon, so the doctor knew I wanted to hurry.  I guess egg quality is a big factor, too, but I was wondering about how much the lining might have been a factor.  They did say the lining looked good on my last ultrasound, but I don't know the numbers.  I'm going to do another cycle, and am keeping my fingers crossed.  Thanks again!
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