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Very confused right now.

I am a 37 year old mom. I had surgery in 2009 for ectopic pregnancy. The Dr removed my left tube. I was on deposit for a while because I didn't want to get pregnant. I quit doing deposit in 2013 and recently my body got back on track. July 1, 2015 I went to the emergency  room  for non pregnancy related problems and while there they told me I was pregnant. I had a lot of problems in 2 days. My lvls went from 500 to 100 and the Dr wanted to do scope surgery  to see what was going on, especially because when in the hospital I had some kind of infection  and when he check my blood the next day my numbers had gone up instead of down despite having been on antibiotics in the hospital and when I got released. To make a longer story shorter, when they did the scope they found a bunch of cysts and another ectopic. The Dr said that a cyst had stopped the egg from releasing. He cleaned up all the cysts, and the ectopic (this time leaving my tube because he knew we wanted a baby). He explained to me that my tube may heal opened or closed and to find out I would have to do the dye treatment. Not sure what that is. Anyway my question is if I can do ovulation tests to find out if I can still conceive? Or will the test detect regardless? I'm super confused about this and just know that we still want a baby. After one more I am going to get my tube tied.
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I meant depo  shot not deposit.
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The test to check if your tubes are open once it heals is called, HYSTEROSALIPINGOGRAM or commonly known as an HSG... It's not painful just a little uncomfortable. They basically do an X-ray of your Fallopian tubes. They will open your cervix up and stick what seemed (had my test done in March) like a catheter inside and they shoot dye and the point is to see if the each tube will then spill the dye out, if it does then you're in luck that means your tubes are still functional. If not then a chance of another ectopic is a lot greater and/or conceiving will be a challenge.

Yes, an ovulation kit will help in your situation. But I'd give your tubes and your body time to heal before you actively start trying to give you the most optimum results. That HSG test is a must, in my opinion, if you've had an ectopic just so you know what to expect. Good luck my dear and baby dust to the both of us!!  
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Thank you very much. I want to do the HSN just trying to find the cheapest place that does it, like Dr recommended. Only thing is everything is quite a distance from me, living in the middle of nowhere lol. I wish you the best of luck conceiving. Lots of baby dust to you :)
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