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What is a Hysteroscopy?

OK ladies, today has been a bit of a world wind. I am not saying I was about to throw in the hat & say forget about it; but I was getting very frustrated. My new RE office has been stalling with me for over a month about scheduling a robotic myomectomy which they said I needed before going forward with fertility treatments. Well out of nowhere the RE refers me to another Dr. at an entirely different hospital that I don't even know....WTH??!!

Well after that call I was a little fed up. But, this afternoon I got a call from a specialist that I had seen before and he suggests I have a hysteroscopy done & not a myomectomy at this time. So right now I just need some advice from anyone who knows what the procedure is and/or has had it done.
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hysteroscopy is just an endoscopic exam of your uterus.  allows them to look at your uterine wall for fibroids, scar tissue, polyps, etc.  sometimes they can removev smaller fibroids and polyps this way, which is much less invasive of a surgery.
good luck
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OK, thanks. I hope they can get to them that way. If I don't have to have it I don't want to have a myomectomy.
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Does anyone know about how long it takes to recover from a hysteroscopy? My procedure has finally been scheduled & I was just wondering how long I may be out of work.
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office hyseteroscopy is day procedure all you need is to take advil 1/2 hour before procedure..some people might take valium....procedure takes only 8-10 minutes...its just like iui....camera is attached at end of tubing and you can see inside of uterus with help of your doctor.....usually spotting remains for 3 days after hysteroscopy.....best wishes
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