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Why am I not ovulating normally?

I am 29 years old. I hit puberty at 11 years old. Ever since then I've had heavy periods with bad cramps. Throughout my teens I's probably skip a month here and there, and I was not sexually active then. The situation has become worse in my twenties. I get my period around 9 times a year. I can't even determine how long my cycle is because it's so off most of the time.

From 23-25 I was on birth control. I was first on Yaz which did not work out. Then I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. With this bith control, my periods became regular. However, I gained weight and I decided I did not want to be on birth control anymore. I didn't want my body to rely on foreign chemicals to function properly. I wanted my body to work naturally. Ever since I came off the birth control, my menstrual cycle has been wacky. I've had sonograms done over the years and they all come back normal. My hormones have been tested (including prolactin) and everything is normal. When I was 27, I was prescribed Metformin, which is a prescription used for diabetics, to help me shed a few pounds since I was found to be insulin resistant. My PCP said that pill also tends to help women ovulate. Metformin worked for the weight loss, but not for ovulation in my case. My periods were still irregular. I took that pill for exactly 1 year, till I shed the 15 lbs I wanted to lose. I've always wondered if I ovulate. I know that just because I get my period doesn't necessarily mean I ovulate. FYI, I've tried all sorts of homeopathic remedies for ovulation.

For the past six months I've been trying to conceive. I have sexual intercourse every other day or every three days. I've had missed periods, thinking that I may be pregnant, but nothing. I am afraid I may be infertile. I would like to understand why I am having trouble ovulating, because that's why it all comes down to... I am not getting my periods on certain months because I don't ovulate those months. But why? And the months that I do get my period, am I actually ovulating or am I just shedding excessive build up of my uterine lining? What should I be checking for? What should I be asking my doctor? What should I be concerned about? Please help.
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Hi. I would also suggest getting tested for PCOS. I had tests come back with normal hormone levels and didn't have any of the excess hair, acne or those type of symptoms though I did struggle to lose weight. My periods were very regular up until I was about 19/20 and then I would miss one occasionally or bleed between periods. I was told it was just a hormonal thing and put on birth control which helped regularise it. After 8 years on bc though I started having no period so I came off it and was getting maybe 3 or 4 periods a year. I was too scared to get it checked straight away but as my partner and I were ready to start our family I went & saw a gyn. An ultrasound found my ovaries covered in follicles & I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries.

There are blood tests they can do at different times to check hormone levels and tell whether you have ovulated or not. If you are not ovulating medication such as clomid can help you to ovulate. It's definitely worth getting checked :)
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I would definitely go to the doctor.

Good luck!
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Hi. I highly recommend you have your gynecologist check you for PCOS.  All of your symptoms are exactly like mine and I was diagnosed at 20. Before that I had very irregular periods. It's been controlled with birth control since. I've only stopped now while I'm testing to start IVF treatment. Good luck!
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