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Why different progesterone levels?

Question for everyone...has anyone had the progesterone levels explained to them?  I'm in England and my GP has told me the range 20-80 means you definitely ovulated.  Just found out today my result was 27.  But last cycle it was 41.  So I was just curious, yes I did ovulate, but why the lower number?  There must be some significance!  I don't meet with my fertility doctor until February, so I thought I'd see if someone on here knows.  
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I just had the blood drawn this morning, my fingers are crossed as tight as can be! I took a HPT this morning and got BFN - I know its way too early only 10 DPO so i will wait some more....  Ok so I am hopping for over 10!!
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My understanding is that progesterone is produced by the follicle after it releases the egg. My RE said anything above 10 means you ovulated. On meds when you produce multiple folls it can make your #s much higher. My #s are usually 10-15, but on clomid they were much higher, even over 100 one time. Good luck!
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My progesterone was 5.6 on a Clomid round. I go back on Monday the 27th for the next test and I am praying I am in the range of actually ovulating!  I wish I knew more about progesterone too.
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