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after IUI

I had IUI yesterday...the pain was quite bad from the procedure and the ovulation itself...so when i got home i lay in bed from the afternoon with a hot water bottle...do you think the eggs and sperm will be ok with the heat...too late now i know if not...but what do you think?
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Hi ladies! I'm fairly new to the fertility & TTC world. I had my first Gonal F cycle and IUI in January-- BFN. Seeing an RE in Jan was a blessing in disguise though... During the end of that cycle they discovered a mass in my uterus. I had a saline sono in Feb and they found several polyps. The next week I had a D&C with polypectomy. I wasn't allowed to start another cycle until this month (April). My RE was super aggressive (per my request). Large doses of Gonal-F. Well needless to say I ended up with MUCHO follies. By Day 10, (4/14)  I had....
Left: 19, 18, 18, 18.5, 17, 17, 15, 14, 14, 13, 4<10
Right: 17, 14.5, and a few less than 12. (I refused to cancel the cycle). They let me "Coast" from there, NO MORE FSH.

He finally agreed to let me trigger on 4/16. My IUI was on 4/17. I started Crinone 8% (progesterone gel) on 4/19.

So now.... the 2ww, with one more week to go!!! I'm having frequent mild cramps. Poor appetite. Occasional cravings.

I had three weird episodes of palpitations with abdominal pain.

Beta scheduled for 5/1.

When should I test at home?

Any tips, tricks or advice?!

Thanks! Blessings to ALL! :)
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yay a cycle buddy! mine was on the second so i'm only a couple of days ahead...how are u doing? i haven't had any symptoms yet....i guess its too early for all that. this tww is so a killer....going on for ages. how are u? any symptoms. i think af is due about 14days after the iui...do u think so?
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As long as you didnt over heat your body you should be fine, They just dont want you to raise your core temp, I had my second iui on the 4th, I have never been in so much pain As I was this time, My RE also had a hard time getting the catheter in this month :( not fun at all, I'm glad to meet some one on the same timing as me, we can leen on each other durning this dang tww! I also had two folicles on the same side this month, hopefully that doubles my chances :)
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