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baseline ultrasound?

I had an unsuccessful first round on follistim and am scheduled to start the first shot of my second round in two days. From reading these posts, It seems like most people have a baseline ultrasound to check for cysts. I asked the nurse I spoke to and she said they only do baseline ultrasounds when there is a known issue. I had a cyst during my initial work-up in November, but nothing during the first round. I know it's not good to take follistim if you have cysts. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is it typical to not do the baseline ultrasound?? I'm taking a low dose (75 for 5 days) and have my first blood/ultrasound on CD 8.
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Thanks again for your advice! I just got the results of the ultrasound - I have a few very tiny cysts, so they told me to go ahead with the shots starting tonight. I'm excited to start again and I really hope it works this time!!
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My doc always made me go in for the baseline ultrasound - no matter what. I never ever have had any problems but I still have to go religiously :) Good they at least scheduled one - better to be safe than sorry. I am sure, iif you normally don't get cysts, that it will be clear but good you are being proactive in your treatment :) Good luck!
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I also, always had to go for a baseline.  I have never had problems with cysts but that was always necessary.  Good luck to you this cycle!
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Thank you both for your input! I called this morning and they scheduled a baseline ultrasound for tomorrow morning. Hopefully this cycle works and I won't have to worry about this next month!!
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I always had one with follistim but not with clomid.  
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Most REs will not allow you to start a new medicated cycle without a baseline, so I'm surprised your nurse said that. If I were you, I would definitely ask for one, especially since you're on injectables. My baselines were normally fine when on low-dose injectables, but I did have a HUGE cyst after one of them...and I was only on three shots of menopur (75 units) that time. If think it was about 40mm!!!! And I have no history of cysts! Because of this, I had to take that month off and start the meds again the following cycle.

Best of luck to you!

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