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can you get pregnant after ectopic pregnancy?

I had an ectopic pregnancy (first baby)and my left tube was removed last 2016. Now, in 2018, I went to my OB and I ovulated in the left ovary but i have no left fallopian tube? Can I really still get pregnant? T_T I really want a baby
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I’m sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy. Yes, you can get pregnant.  Each month the right ovary ovulates you’ve got a chance.  Your doctor can do an ultrasound when your about to ovulate to see which side it’s on that month.  He also might give you a little medication to produce more eggs (clomid or another med)
Good luck!
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HI belle313. Thank you for the response but I already took clomid or clomophene as adviced by my OB and this september I got two eggs ovulated in my left ovary? Is there a chance that the two eggs will go or transfer to right fallopian tube because i have no more left fallopian tube.
Yes. You ovulate on BOTH sides. It doesn’t always alternate I don’t think. Wait....I typed ‘do you alternate sides when ovulating’ it says it’s random.  I would double check with your doc or his nurse so you have professional advice. I’m so glad you are ovulating. Sometimes that is a problem in itself. Ovulating 2 eggs is not bad. Remember when your ovulating these eggs they have the potential of all being fertilized which would result in multiple births (twins, triplets and so on).  Has your doctor checked your right tube to make sure it’s clear? There are 2 ways he could of. One is a surgical procedure (sometimes done when your having a GYN surgery) called chromotubation and the other way is called an HSG (hystrosalpingogram).
thank you belle313. my right tube is okay. I'm just wandering if my eggs in left ovary will be transferred in the right fallopian tube because I have no fallopian tube in the left.
No, eggs come out of both ovaries. When you ovulate on the right side (from the right ovary) THOSE eggs will travel down your right fallopin tube. Since your without a tube on the left side you won’t become pregnant when your ovulating on that side.  
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It's my understanding that we go back and forth between sides with egg production/releasing.  So, left this cycle, right next.  Is your right tube okay?
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specialmom my right tube is okay. I'm just asking myself if the two eggs I have in my left ovary can be transferred in the right fallopian tube because I have no left fallopian tube? Does it happen? If the egg goes out in my left ovary, where will it pass through because I have no fallopian tube.
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In this situation I'd count on your right tube, honey. If it's ok, than the chances are high. You just have to wait when you ovulate on right and catch that perfect healthy egg =) I'm sorry for your ectopic. It's never easy to survive, and this scar is left. But you are a brave worrior, so i'm sure you'll cope. Sending you my huge supportive hugs. Hope your joy's just around the corner.
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