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do tubes need to be open for ivf?

This is prob something I should know--but I don't--do one's tubes need to be open for ivf?  If I had one hsg that was normal in Sept 2009 do I need to have another done before IVF?  I will ask my dr, too, but I want to know now so I'm asking you : )
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No, your tubes do not need to be open for IVF.  In fact that is one condition where you willhave to do IVF to get pregnant.  Your friend could have meant another test - the sonohysterogram where they measure and size your uterus by injecting saline.  This one is definitely done for each IVF.  It is similar to hsg but there is no dye inserted and it is done by u/s, not xray.  It's is much easier and less painful.  They do this so they know exactly where to place the embryos.
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dr's do hsg because even tho a women's tubes are tied there have been cases of them coming loose, undone, improperly tied at time of procedure ect.. and if that happens and woman's tube has even a slight opening then turns around and has IVF done ur chances of an ectopic pregnancy has sky rocketed. it's just a precaution to make sure that there is no "spillage" from ur fallopian tubes when they inject the fluid. it's better safe than sorry. i would be more nervous if a dr was willing to do IVF without doing all the procedures they do to thoroughly check ur situation.. hope this answers ur question a little bit. good luck ttc and take care. heres blowing u some baby dust***************
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That's what I thought, so I wondered why someone said their RE wanted them to do an hsg before ivf...
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IVF is often recommended for women who have had their tubes tied, so it is pretty clear one does not need to have open tubes to do IVF.  (It might be significant to an RE, however, because one of the tests I had to have done in order to do IVF was an HSG.  Maybe it affects their protocol?)  Anyway, they draw the eggs by going through the top of the vagina and getting them, and they insert the embryos back into the uterus through the cervix.  Neither of these uses the tubes for anything.  
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