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due for preg test tommorrow

my hubby and i have been married 11 yrs know,after 8 miscariages we had our first daughter thru ivf,she was born prem with heart and lung conditions and died afte 6mnths-seems like yesterday.than we adopted zara,(my hubbys brother and wife had her for us and only told us after her birth that she was meant for us-that was 2008 jan,15 mnths after my daughter passed.we than got offered another cycle ivf as none of the fet worked and in jan 2010 had my boy ayaan with fresh blastocyst.we tried 1 fet nov last year-didnt work.
just had another replacement done 5dt blastocyst on the 2nd and its 8 dpt ,just did a hpt-BFN,due for bloods tommorrow,
very depressed as with ayaan i got a faint positive on the day of blood test and BFP came over the phone,last transfer did 4 hpt all bfn and bloods were neg too.
this time again bfn
has anyone had a bfn on 8dpt 5dblastocyst and positve blood test.
have reading thru all the threads here and found u all are so supportive of each other,can someone pliz tell me something to calm me down....
getting no symptoms except some aches in lower back and tired
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I chose not to take an HPT before my beta test during my 2 fresh cycles and my frozen cycle, so I can't say what that may mean for your beta test tomorrow.  I will say this though, the blood test are a LOT more sensitive than an HPT.  Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you!!
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GL tomorrow...you have been through so much.
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Hi Honey,

It's been a few days since I was feeling like you are.  No symptoms except some aches, cramps and tired.  I took the HPT 4 days before blood and it was negative.
I kept praying and feeling positive.  I only became overly anxious when all of my family and friends started asking me if I received my results.  That's when I went "Thelma and Louis", and wanted to blow up the office to get my results.

I reflect back to this saying to give me hope...

If you want to free yourself from harshness,
Clear harsh thoughts from your mind.
Clear anger, with forgiveness.
Confusion, with orderly thoughts.
Clear denial, with acceptance.
Hate, with thoughts of love.
When you clear what you do not want from your mind.
You think negativity out of your way.

Think positive Honey.... GOD never gives us what we can not handle

You are in my prayers,

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