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ectopic - without surgery

Hi I would like to say that I had just had an  "Occult" ectopic pregnancy at 5 weeks (which is one where it is going away on its own.)  My doctor in the hospital wanted to investigate and possibly cut my tube out, but I discharged myself and went for some private blood tests to confirm that my hcg levels were dropping.  Some early ectopics can be left without surgery, even for 1 month as long as blood tests are taken to show they are falling.  My tube may have some scarring from this pregnancy, but I'm hopeful of getting pregnant again soon. I miscarried 11 weeks ago so I think I might have had an infection from that and I caught on the next cycle which perhaps wasn't long enough.
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becareful.  I had an ectopic that was treated with methotrexate.  My hcg dropped but after two weeks, I had to go to ER because my tube ruptured.  It was removed..  be very careful as it can be life treatening.  
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hi there! Yeah I can understand how you would like to keep your tube so you can get pregnant easier, however, I wanted to tell you my story which is a little different but in the same boat as well. Friday I had emergency surgery to remove my tube from a rupture from a 8.5 week pregnancy. However, I had a tubal five years ago. I too last year had gotten pregnant but miscarried and never knew whether the pregnancy was in my tube or uterus. However we now know that they were all in my right tube. some of the tissues from the pregnancies were still inside the tube which cause problems on my right ovary as well. This pregnancy we followed very closely and still did not catch it until Friday afternoon, and then Friday evening my tube ruptured! The doctors thought I was only 4.5 weeks along and scheduled surgery (which I choose instead of the shot) for Monday morning thinking that I would be fine until then. I ended up getting both my tubes removed just so I did not have to go through this again...I already have four wonderful children and didnt want anymore that is why i had the tubal ligation done five years ago, it just did not take all that well obviously. My point is, that havign a tubal pregnancy is very dangerous and you should be under close watch. The doctor told me if I was treated from my previous pregnancies that this one may have just made it through my tube to my uterus, but was blocked from the previous pregnancies scaring. Just take caution....they may be able to help out with that scarring so you can carry a pregnancy to your uterus. Be careful......this is a very painful situation and for someone that wants to have children needs to be even more caution because each decison you make could lesson your chances of having a normal pregnancy. Good Luck to you!!!
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