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get off my chest

OK I have to share this with someone I have to get it off my chest. It goes like this I know someone not friends with them just know her. I just learned she had a abortion but hold up that's no why I'm upset this is the second one she had this year yes but it goes deeper then that. So far this has been a total of 6 I'M NOT LINING YOU READ IT RIGHT 6. OK I don't have a problem with some woman having abortion if it's for a good reason. But I just don't like when they use it as a birth control. This days there are so many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Here I am been trying for your and this WOMAN I'M BEING NICE KILLING BABY'S LIKE IT NOTHING NOW THAT PISSES ME OFF. I'm not judging her but something I just don't understand... Thanks for listing.
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You're completely right - using abortion as birth control is insane & so sad.  I don't understand it either.  
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I hear ya.  Some people just refuse to take responsibility for what they've done.  It's worse that we'd do anything for what she has and she's throwing it away.  Worse than that... we'd do anything for our children (I would if I had one anyway) and she's killing hers.  So sad.
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