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i need a BBT chart

can anyone give me a link to a BBT chart? i thought i could make one on here and share with everyone. however, i cant seem to find it. if there is no feature like that on here, please give me a link to one.
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i googled it too. i got one that was VERY cute. i looked for it again 2 post the url. i printed 5 copies. it has the temp chart, cm, opk, and something else but i cant think of what it is. there is also a spot for notes and questions for your dr. i was looking for one to print out. thanks though. i will post the url if i can find it.
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i just google free bbt chart and tons of sites come up....i went to mycycleDOTcom and charted everything on line.  it was easier than keeping track of a piece of paper.  :)
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There is a free chart at babyhopes that you can download and print.  Here is the link.

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Or you can use fertilityfriend for free.  There are aspects that are only for 'VIP' members who pay.  You can use the site to chart your BBT and other signs/symptoms and such.
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It won't ask for any credit card info until after the trial is up. It is a great site and lots of us use it. It's pretty cheap after the trial, too. I think I pay $16.95 for 3 mos of VIP. That gives you access to the chart gallery and the chat. Lots of nice ladies there, too. It also has an online course that teaches a lot and has helpful info.
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doesnt that cost money?? its saying something about a 30 day free trial. those r usually scams! i have accidentally gotten myself in trouble a few times. like that.
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Try www.fertilityfriend.com
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