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icsi/ivf success storys :-)

Well ladies most of you know by now off another post but i had my ET tranfer today, I had ER weds 10eggs, 6 fertilised, 2 made it to today the others were fragmented so have been donated to research ((well im keeping an eye on ebay for them flogging them too lol)) so we had a 3 day transfer of a 8 cell embryo and a 9 cell embryo none avaliable for freezing so here i am not even day 1 of the tww trying to keep myself busy :-/
I dont know how im going to get through this rollercoaster of a tww but im sure u ladies will help me......Soooooo cummon ladies i wanna hear your success storys :-))))  Also had my trigger last mon the clinic want me to wait until the 22nd to test a WHOLE 17days away!!! when would be a realistic day to test?? eeeeekkkkkkk!!! Fingers crossed!!!!!!
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This post is only from yest, soo looks like we had the same embryos on the same day- i too had day 3 :-)
Aww the 14th isnt too far away at all it will soon be here! I have to wait until the 22nd :( Have u tested early at all?Are you getting any symptoms? Im just trying to work out whats 'normal'. Really hope this is your 4th time lucky!! Please keep me updated and lots of sticky baby dust your way!! Im always here if u need 2 chat can be easier talking to someone u dont know!! Iv got my fingers crossed for u girl!!
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Not sure how old your post is..I'm in the same waiting game right now as well. Just did my 4th IVF fresh cycle. Transferred an 8 cell and 9 cell embryos on day 3. I had some frozen but growing very slow so should I need to do this again not sure is they will make the thaw. I was dx'd with Endo stage III/IV in Jan 2010 and I just want this part of my life to be over with. I want good news and move forward. I hope you get all you deserve...baby dust coming your way. I take my prego test 11/14/11...Im so scared.
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