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no period for almost 10 years HELP?!

I am 22 years old. I started my cycle at around 12 years old and had a mass near my left ovaries at age of 14 and had to have surgery to remove it. a couple of months passed and my periods were very heavy, and then they just suddenly stopped. From then until now, Ive had at the most 5 "periods" if you would call them, I still get cramping feelings and tenderness in breasts even with no flow but from what I remember; they didn't last but a couple of days each when i did have them. I'm married so we don't use contraception, and planned on having a baby but it was getting us in debt seeing a doctor to try to regulate my periods. and its hard to get help for medical insurance so were trying to save up for it. But leading to my question, Last week I have been feeling like I
m getting a fever, and I'm mostly active and that day was different because all i did was wash dishes and I'm pouring with sweat, and then everyday since then I have been burning up a lot lately. Could this be menopause already? Then yesterday, I wasn't feeling good, mostly short sudden cramps and feeling very weak and tired like Ive been running all afternoon. And all of a sudden i get a sharp feeling in my tummy near my belly button almost like a bolt of electricity going upwards from my belly button to my Xiphoid process. then the next few hours i go to use the BR and I'm very light bleeding, almost like spotting. now I'm discharging light brownish pinkish tissue-looking pieces.. help please? idk what this could be, i figured we couldn't have babies because i haven't had a period in almost 10 years and cant afford to see a doctor. but Could I be pregnant?
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Only way to find out is to take a pregnancy test. Good luck to you, I hope everything works out the way you want it to.
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thank you! and the best to you.
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