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odds of getting pregnant???

So I had a tubal...filshie clips...at the same time of my c-section back in '07 my left clip came open and is just floatin around...I became pregn 2 yrs ago...ended in a mc...my hubby and I want a baby but a reversal is just so expensive so my question is...does any1 know what the rates r of gettin preg...1 that's inutero and viable? We have been trying for many yrs now but pregnancy only happend once then ended when I was like 8 wk 4 days :-( any advice or help would b great...thanks
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Tubal reversal surgery can help you to become pregnant. In this surgery the tubes are reopened, untied, or reconnected. Whether you can undergo tubal reversal surgery or not depends on several factors. Your overall health ,health of your ovaries, uterus, and remaining fallopian tubes, especially their length, the type of tubal ligation surgery you had etc.The chances of success are enhanced in those  women who had only small parts of their fallopian tubes removed, or whose tubes were closed using rings or clips. Older women are less likely than younger woman to become pregnant after this procedure. The success rates range from 40% to 85% and depends on your age, length of the remaining fallopian tubes, amount of scar tissue in your pelvic area and type of tubal ligation procedure you had. Do contact a gynecologist. A clinical examination and evaluation is important before deciding whether you can undergo tubal reversal or not. Keep me posted.
Best luck and take care!
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I had an exploritory lap done oct. 2011 and my surgen said I have perfect length and would b an excellent candidate for a t.r. that's also when she found my lt clip was open and there's only partial blockage in my lt tube...what should we do? Should I go on birth control til I can see a gyno or what??? I'm very confused...any help/advice is great...thanks so much
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