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pitutary inhibitors,any1 tried it?

my AF showed up&iam now taking new protocol as dr.say,it is pitutary inhibitor inj.daily for 14 days &ovulatory stimulators with it,has any of u tried this protocol?is there any success stories with it?what side effects appear? plz any advice will b appreciated.
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u r welcomed to know any information u need,iam 25 year old pharmacist&as iam pharmacist ican have vision on some medical issues,iam diagnosed as atypical pco coz i am not obese &no hairsutism just inverted FSH&LH levels on cd3,my ovulation&periods aren't none,just irregular,sometimes i ovulate spontaneously late(cd20-23)&my periods r always about 35-40 days but it comes without pills,iwas on clomid for 5months then shifted to ovulatory inducers inj.,i finally ovulated at right time cd14 but no pregnancy at all,dr.wanted to release more than 1 mature ovum per cycle but even with increasing doses my body resist&refuse to release more than 1 so dr.said that i have to take a pitutary inhibitor,it is agonist which at 1st increase FSH&LH secreation by the gland then this makes negative feedback on the gland stopping it from releasing this hormones untill ovulation takes place then i'll stop these inj.&of course with them iam taking ovulatory stimulators aiming to release more than 1 ovum,hoping to b benifitable for u&pleased to b here for any information u need as much as i know.
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I have thought it is a likely treament for several posters and often wondered why some women are not candidates for this route. In my method of thinking, if the pituitary is responsible for Lh, FSH, etc. Why aren't some women treated for pituatary disorders? There is one poster in particlar I have been thinking that is a likely cause for her infertility. Do you mind me asking what tests they did to detemine it is pituatary? Your age? Do you have any ovulatory activity at all? I am not trying to pry. I just like to learn about the things I do not have answers for. IMO, some cases are pituatary and just not looked into far enough. I am not a medical professional. I just have been at this ttc game for so long, when something comes up that I am unfamiliar with, I like to learn all I can. It can be pearls of wisdom for others even though it doesn't apply to me. Thanks for helping!
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