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possible miscarriage?

I am 6 weeks pregnant and have had cramping on and off through out my whole pregnancy.  Last night I had a very small amount of brown spotting and another time today.  I also have NO pregnancy symptoms like I did before in my past 2 pregnancies... Is this more than likely the beginning of a miscarriage???  I have an apt. Tuesday to see the heartbeat but am afraid that things aren't looking good!!!
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Cramping in early pregnancy is normal.  Excessive cramping can be caused by not being hydrated enuff and you may need to rest more. Sometime spotting is normal as well.  (I had outright bleeding with my first son and all turned out well, hes 9) there are things that can cause spotting a uti, sex, infection, a hematoma etc. However if you experience heavy bleeding and severe pain visit the er.  I had tons of pregnancy symptoms with my first two none with number 3. Then at around 8 weeks morning sickness with a
vengeance.  Good luck and I hope all goes well.
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Hi, Trying43 is right, cramping can be normal. I recently was pregnant and started getting odd cramping sensations that I had never felt before, it ended up being appendicitis, I miscarried I think due to appendicitis, and just had an emergency appendectomy. I'd say follow your gut (no pun intended) For me the "sensations" did not feel "right". When in doubt go to the ER. If I would have, it's possible I could have saved my pregnancy-also possible that it was doomed from the beginning. I hope it's just normal pregnancy cramping for you. Good luck.
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