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pregant or not pregant - that is the question?

After having everything crossed for days, charting BBT every morning (even weekend with the alarm set), i finally reached CD28 (my regular as clockwork AF day)  and my temp still rose this morning! AF no where in sight. uncomfortable lower tummy pains (just behind the hip) for days (since about CD20)


i decided to test this evening when i got in from work. I am sure i got a very faint line - my dh also thought he saw one. Was it my eyes playing tricks - seeing what i wanted to see?

test again in the morning see what happens. i am anxious though Not sure i can go through this again. I really wish that the sex ed talks that you got at school told you more about the problems of TTC rather than if you have sex without protection you will become pregnant! Look where that has got me - initailly terified that it would so didnt without protection and then when my dh and i decide that we want  a baby - its just not working!!!

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I hope this is it for you.  It certainly sounds good!  I would use the clear blue easy digital PG test. It will actually say pregnant or not pregnant, no lines to read.  It is digital and there is no mistake.  That is what I used the day I missed my Af and it said pregnant! and there was no question.  Good luck to you!  
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my personal opinion is that if af is no where in sight to wait a day or two and then test again.  if you are very impatient than if you think  that it was a faint line then test again in the morning or the next day.  use first morning urine to get the most concentrated amount of hcg hormone
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