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pregnant and severe anxiety

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum so I will post in a few different places.  I am 26 years old and 5 weeks pregnant.  I get massive panic attacks.  Mostly when I drive.  I can usually control the panic just by having my xanax of clonopin with me.  I only take the pills if I am having a really bad day and I can feel the panic building.  Ususally this is only 4-5 times a month.  Since I found out I am pregnant the anxiety and panic attacks are getting much worse because I don't think I am suppossed to take any benzodiazepams.  The attacks are so bad I can't breath.  I have done alot of research (aka googling hehe) and there is alot of conflicting information out there.  Does anyone have any PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with taking antianxiety, specifically xanax or clonopin during pregnancy?  I don't want opinions or judgement please!  I have tremendous guilt over this.  I would love to hear some personal experiences good and/or bad.  Give it to me straight. PLEASE!
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feel free to pm me, i too suffer with anxiety and panic attacks which were much worse during my pregnancies. im anti medication for myself as my anxiety started when my drink was spiked with speed many years ago... but in saying that most definetly sympathize with how u r feeling. people that have never experienced a pinic attack struggle to understand.
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Thank you!  I really do feel like unless someone has had a panic attack they just don't get it.  I am going to try to talk to my Dr. again.  
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