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provera / iui

can you tell me if taking provera is jus as effective as having a normal cycle when having an IUI. I do not have regular periods anymore due PCOS. Is a period that is produced through provera concidered a REAL period????
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ALL responses are WELCOME please!!!!!
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Hi, i also have PCOS and hadn't had a regular normal cycle in years. Started Provera last month so i could start Clomid a few days later. Yeah for sure it's just as affective, it tricks your body into thinking that it's doing it on it's own, it doesn't know any different :)
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I used provera to start my period, then took clomid. I did end up pregnant, but it ended because it was ectopic. I didn't have IUI, but I would say that taking provera does equal having a real period. You can start counting calendar days, expect ovulation around your typical time and so on.

Hope that helps!
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thank you ladies for the responses!!!!! I had 1 iui already...but my periods came on its own...for about 6 months then I went back to not having them on my own. I am sooooo ready to become preggo!!!

I am going to attempt another IUI but i just dont have the $$$ to keep getting no results! I am leaving this in God hands....
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