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symptoms after ivf disappeared

I had 2 embryos transferred (after freezing) on 6/23/11.  I felt horrible a couple of days later.  Tired, hungry, a little constipated, cramping.  Now today, nothing!  The only thing is a dryness "down there".  This is our 2nd transfer and I am so worried it did not take again.  Anyone have this issue.  I am taking 1mg estrace 2x a day and 1cc progesterone intramuscular.  I called my specialist and left a message about the dryness.  Any advice, support or personal experience most appreciated.
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I've never had any of those symptoms before.  Are you using progesterone suppositories? I'm really not sure about the dryness, but I would wait to talk to your dr. about it.  Best of luck to you!
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I have called and they do not know why I would have this issue and going to call me back later today.  I have also noticed that the last two nights I wake up sweating.  I am taking progesterone in a 1cc needle on the back side.  Thanks!
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I did my FET on July 20th and had all the same symptoms (except the dryness) for a few days then nothing, and I got my BFP Friday so good luck! :)
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Good luck to you as well.  The waiting is the worst part! :)
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How are you feeling?  when is your beta?
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My beta is tomorrow (8/4/11).  I am so nervous and worried.  I am starting acupuncture on Friday.  Have read it helps with fertility issues and also helps with stress.  Maybe this will help as well.  Have you done this?
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Thanks for the responses.  Just had my beta and now it is another waiting game.  Fingers crossed!
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Just got the call...BFN...dr. said we can do another cycle and that everything is great until the transfer.  Any advice?
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Hi, Oh I'm so sorry to hear about your BFN.   I just checked your post today.  Don't give up just yet, hang in there!  

I have never done acupunture but many women on here do.  I also hear that raspberry tea is also helpful.  

I'll be praying for your next cycle and your BFP!!
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