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undeveloped uterus; no monthly period ever since

Hi there.
I have this problem that until now ( i'm 24 right now ) I haven't experience to hve my monthly period. Out of curiosity i go to an ob gyne and had my ultra sound. The ultrasound says that i had a normal ovaries but a thumb size uterus. My ob gyne told.me that i dont have my uterus but when she saw the result she said that i have a undeveloped uterus and i cant carry a baby. Im so devastated when i hears that. Does anyone hear have the same situation? I want to have a child now. Is there any chance? I've been sexually active but no baby til now. Km desperate. What am i suppose to do? :(
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See a reproductive endocrinologist ("fertility specialist"), first of all.  You want to check to confirm the diagnosis.  I would not accept this diagnosis just from one ultrasound, I would insist on an MRI of the uterus, and talk with the specialist.  

If the diagnosis is confirmed, discuss with the reproductive endocrinologist the possibility of using a gestational carrier ("surrogate mother") to carry your baby.  A baby can be created using your eggs and your husband's sperm, the gestational carrier can carry the baby in her womb, and then the baby would be yours when it is born.  I know that would not be your favorite answer to this dilemma, but if the first doctor is right about your uterus, that is about all you can do.  At least the baby would be biologically yours.  

It is not like IVF and gestational carriers are cheap, so get on this right away to find out a) if it is true and b) the costs.  If you're needing to go the gestational carrier route, you and your husband will need to do some planning, maybe both take a second job for a while, so you will have the money to do this.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the response eventhough i know its quite late to response. It enlighten me on the things that i should do first. Im miserable these days because of this problem. I am collecting all the courage to have my second opinion. I'll get back to you when i had my second opinion. Thanks again.
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