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worried about ivf

has anyone done ivf that wouldn't mind telling me about it. we will start in ivf in the next couple of weeks and i'm just worried about the complications of egg retrieval...damage to bowel, blood vessels etc.... i've just spoken to the clinic and the lady there said it was very rare and had not happened at the clinic while she had been working there...which made me feel better...but if people who have gone thru it could tell me what it was like i'd be most grateful.

thank you so much
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I am in the two week wait of my first ivf (and hopefully last one) cycle. Stay away from all the stuff you can find on the internet it can and probably will stress you out.

I agree with everything everyone has posted, the shots are not fun, one of the drugs I was on stung a little going in, but a few minutes after it was all in it was fine. The p.i.o shots hurt. I watched some videos of this one and I regretted that. My bum is bruised and very tender, I just have to remind myself it will be worth it. I am a needle phob and can not do my own injections, so this has made things stress at times, with our schedules, but when things worked out right for the most part.

My recovery from the retrieval took a little longer than expected, it was about 2 days, the doctors was pretty aggressive with my retrieval, assuming it was due to the fact I only had 8 follicles that were mature. We ended up with seven mature eggs, and of those four fertilized, by day 3 we had only 2 that were good for transfer. Keep in mind, if you have a day five transfer,  any you've lost probably wouldn't have made it any way if they were transferred sooner.

Try to find or set up some sort of routine that is soothing and calming for yourself and avoid as much added stress as you can. I know this can be easier said than done, but if you have people or things in your life that cause drama, get rid of as much of it as possible. Try stay as relaxed as you can.

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thanks ladies. thats a real help :)
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I've just completed my 3rd cycle.  For me, each time went pretty smoothly and recovery from the retrieval was about a day of intense cramping.  The transfer is painless.  I think as anyone can attest to, the worst part is the waiting on each step - I won't lie, it is pretty nerve wracking but try to relax as much as you can. Try to get as much support as you can during your TWW but try not to over google and analyze - easier said then done!  Good luck!
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I did my first IVF back in 2009/2010 and it was fairly smooth. The worst part I think was the shots. I am not a fan of sticking myself in the bum and stomach. My husband was deployed when I started, so I would highly suggest having someone else give them. The shots are really not painful until you get to the progesterone. I was black and blue for weeks and could hardly sit down. Invest in a heating pad!!! My egg harvest was kinda blurry. The drugs were awesome. I remember being hooked up and them somehow ended up sitting up in a recovery chair. I over stimulated and chose to freeze my eggs. I waited about a month before my transfer and it doesn't hurt at all, it's just mortifying. I was laying on a table with my legs in the holders while they transferred the embroys and had to stay there naked from the waist down just hanging out while they looked under the microscope to make sure they all came out.

The whole process is straight forward and easy as long as you don't mind the needles and things shoved in you every few days for ultrasounds.
Just stay off google because it makes everything worse.

My first transfer was a success and I am almost done with my second pregnancy so if you have any questions about any part of the process lemme know!  
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Hi there, try not to worry and go with the flow.  It's quite a stressful time to deal with anyway, never mind worrying about the little things that are unlikely to go wrong along the way.  We may well be doing ours the same time, so if you like we can be buddies lol.  This will be my 4th treatment and 2nd go at ivf.  First time round went really well, I coped ok on all the drugs, didn't really experience moody swings, sweats etc.  I coped with all the injections (hubby done these) and the only thing which was really tough was how bloated you feel and how massive your ovaries get with the stimulants.  I was also quite brain dead lol, I was so forgetful and scatty at work, one minute I was doing something and the next I was like, hmmm what was I doing lol.

The main thing that helped was having a very supportive partner, and a great support network from friends, family and the ladies on here who do actually know exactly what it's like! As you can guess my cycle failed, but it was a perfect attempt and we now know why it wasn't successful as I have far too many nk cells in my womb lining.  But I now have steroids along with a couple of other drugs to assist with this attempt, and I'm feeling more positive with this one now.

I start my first lot of injections on 11th....when do you start?

Lots and lots of luck to you, and remember I'm here if you need to chat anytime :)
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