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do I have fibromyalgia?

I am 31 yrs of age and have been experiencing muscle pain though out my body...starting from the back of my neck through my shoulders and arms down to my hips, legs and toes.  The pain is an aching/burning/throbbing feeling.  My fingers and toes swell and tingle(kinda numbing feeling).  I have cramps in my calve muscles and the arch of my feet and toes about 3 times a week.  Sometimes the pain in my back get so severe that I cant raised my arms without a shocking pain.  My legs and arms have a very tired/exhausted feeling all the time, rather I'm just waking or trying to go to bed.  When I go up and down stairs my knees hurt (feeling kinda like arthritis) my wrist and fingers hurt and ache aswell.  Sometimes I get these tender spots on my arms, hands and legs as if I've bumped into something or have been hit.....hurts to touch, like it should be a burse  there but it's not.  I am also having trouble sleeping and is always exhausted throughout the day due to this.

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Your symptoms are characteristic features of. Fibromyalgia . It is manifested with muscle pain and stiffness , Neck and shoulder pain is the main clinical feature . Presence of tender points , fatigue , sleeplessness are all associated with the syndrome . The treatment comprises of physical therapy , analgesics , rest and a stress free environment . Exercises like swimming , walking , stretching , cycling not only help to condition the muscles and reduce stiffness but also boost energy levels and help in sleep . Heat application also reduces the pain and stiffness . Medicines consist of antidepressants and analgesics . Lyrica , an anti seizure medicine has proved very helpful in controlling the symptoms . Please consult a pain specialist and rheumatologist for the management  of symptoms . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
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