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Anyone Use Ultram for Pain?

Is anyone using Ultram for pain?  I keep reading about it.  I basically live on Darvocet (Lortab) and want to know if anyone has had relief from Ultram.

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If you have been using Lortab then try Ultram, it would be like the effects of a baby aspirin.  I did use Ultram 6 pills a day with Vicodin to help the painful times.  I finally said I can't affford all this medicine (at the time 11 meds) so with the doctors help, I slowly got off of Ultram. I took about 6 weeks to do it and had no side effects or extra pain.  I've been off of it for over a year after being on it for >4 yrs.  I just take vicodin for the pain now-also Cymbalta for the depression and pain of depression.  That's all I take for pain, I still take other meds but they aren't for pain.  My friend who tried it had severe stomach pains and had to stop after the 2nd dose.  I had to stay with her all night because her side effects were very bad.  Everyone is different.  Good Luck with your research.
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I have been using Ultram-100mg. tablets since January. My rhuematologist put me on it, 2 tablets -four times a day just this past week.  We've grown from 2 a day to 8,  I never miss a pill (I take 18 pills in all per day.)The Ultram helps better than not being on anything for the pain.  I was on Lyrica and then Neurontin and the side effects were terrible. I've also done the Lorecet, Percocet and Vicadin. If you haven't tried it give it a try if that's what your and your doctor decide.......GTaz
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I have tried Ultram. but my exp. with it was not so good. Meds act differently with everyone so it may work out perfect for you as it does many. But for me it made me have feelings at night when i would fall asleep I would sit straight up out of a dead sleep and feel as if I had just jumped out of an airplane and i was free falling. it was scarey. So now I am taking darvocet, but Im not happy with it..I still hurt so bad after taking it. Not much relief.
Good luck to you
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Well for what it's worth...

I tried Ultram and it didn't even touch my pain, it was like I hadn't taken anything at all!

I am and have been on various opiate meds for sometime now, when I told my doctor that Ultram was like taking nothting... he said, "well I hear that from a lot of patiences, and well Ultram is'nt all that".

The med info that came with the Ultram says that it is great for headaches, my husband suffers most every day with headaches, he tried it a couple of times and he said, "it was a little better than Tylenol, but I was not empressed"!

Maybe you will have a better experience, everyone is different, something that doesn't work for one, works for another....

Good Luck;   Sonflower

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The thing to remember with Ultram is that it binds to the same opioid receptors in the brain that narcotics do, so even though it is billed as not being a narcotic, your body still sees it as one.  Because of this, it's very difficult to get away from it.  The withdrawal symptoms in many cases have been said to have been exponentially worse than the withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone, oxycodone or even stronger opioids.  Because it is technically not a narcotic, doctors prescribe it with impunity, seemingly not worried about people getting hooked on it, but Ultram has ruined as many lives as any narcotic, and the sad part is that in many cases, that ruination has come without the benefit of pain control because as a pain med, it is quite weak.  Another problem with tramadol is that it can cause seizures, which, while the potential for abuse is still there with hydrocodone or oxycodone, the chance of seizures is almost nil.  With tramadol, the chance for seizures in higher doses is pretty good.   Please be careful with tramadol (Ultram).  It's not a great thing to get your body involved with.

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My exp. with Ultram for fibro pain was not so good.  I had spasms like never before for a few days then I began to have siezures and my side of my face was numb and droopy, like with a stroke.  I have spoken to people that have great success with it .  I hope you do too.  Just be cautious what signals your body sends you.
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