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Best treatment for Fibromyalgia

I would like to know what experiences you have on different medications in which to treat Fibromyalgia and what you considered the best without severe side affects.

My Fiance has tried savella which creates severe sweating, Lyrica created nothing but drowsiness and dizziness i read cymbalta is even worse than Lyrica!

Is there any treatment for Fibromyalgia you recommend?

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There is no "best treatment" for Fibromyalgia. I believe it's because everybody responds so differently to meds. There are almost always some side effects to medications, but typically if a med is meant for you, the worst side effects usually go away within 4 weeks or so. When you have FMS, patience is definitely a virtue.

My best treatments for my FMS combine a few different medications. An NSAID is good for inflammation, Anti-Seizure (like Lyrica, Neurontin or Topamax) medications are good for nerve pain. If Lyrica made your fiance too drowsy, Topamax might be a better alternative. This is what I take instead. It's in the same class, but has different side effects. Many people do not get as drowsy. Muscle relaxers can help too.

Everyone's cocktail is different, because everyone's reacts differently to medications. It's all a matter of working with your doctor. It usually take a good six months to find the right mix. That's why it's important to find a good doctor. And once you find a good doctor, the first six months you spend will be trying out new treatments. It probably won't be a picnic, but at least by the end of that six months you should be functioning at a much better level, feeling at least 40% better than you were when you came in that doctor's office.
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Hi Dusty,

I understand your meaning of trial and error, what works for me may not work for you!
it took me 45 years to get the right cocktail of medication just to control my Epilepsy, Did not stop them but cganged the kind i had.

Sometimes you may find information and if 7 out of 10 stated topamax worked the best i would advise my Fiance to try it & hopefully it would save months of trial and error along with expense and loss of time from work.

I have read Topamax is quite good and that Lyrica has affected almost everyone the same with drowsiness and tiredness.
I know my Fiance has an appointment with her Rheumatologist next week and from what i have read i think this shall be her next option!


take care
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