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Can Fibro present with skin pain?

I have been seeing docs/specialists for 7 years with MS-like symptoms:  chronic pain in muscles and joints, ataxia, numbness in hands, feet and skin, fatigue and weakness, tremors, migraines, brain fog, chest pain (heart is fine with exception of tachycardia and arrhythmias), chronic tendonitis, and light, sound, temperature sensitivity.  I have celiac disease and hashimotos.  Fibro was ruled out as I didn't have the pressure points.  After years of finding no answers, I begin to wonder if something was ruled out prematurely.  So does anyone have Fibro without the skin sensitivity/ pressure points?
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp forums.  Sorry it has taken so long for anyone to respond to you.  Have you spoken to your doctor about your symptoms?  Some time has passed and hopefully you have been examined and have consulted with your doctor.  Here is an overview on fibromyalgia that is very general https://www.webmd.com/fibromyalgia/guide/fibromyalgia-pain#1.  Pain with skin and pressure points can indeed be a sign of fibromyalgia.  Please stop back and give us an update.  
Have since been to mayo clinic.  I have Fibromyalgia, POTS, Elher-Danlos, Myalgic Encephalomyalitis, SEID to go along with the Celiac and Hashimotos that I already knew about.  Wow, I was not expecting that.  The first doc that looked at me 6 years ago ruled out the fibro as I didn't have the tender points.  Either they developed later or he didn't know how to test for them, this time around I had almost all of them so easy diagnosing.  Thanks for responding,  Buggyplantgal
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