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Could my FM and CFS be linked to hormone deficiencies?

For almost 4 years I have been struggling with glandular fever, chronic fatigue, and widespread muscle aches and pain. Sometimes my pain is more severe; I often get restless legs, cramps, and painfull stiffness/tightness in my vertebrae, pelvis, back, and leg muscles. Physical therapy has helped as a kind of pain relief, but I can make little progress going forward. My other symptoms include a petechial-type rash that can occur on my chest, buttocks or legs during times of pain or physical stress. I have had all the blood tests and scans to exclude serious pathology.

Recently, I had blood tests which determined that I was extremely high in cortisol, very high in prolactin, and very low in testosterone. I was also deficient in Vitamin D. Could such imbalances be the cause/or contribute to my symptoms? Would therapy to correct said levels help me?

I have kept this question very brief, please feel free to ask any questions to further clarify my history or symptoms...

Thanks so much, in advance, for ANY help
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Hey dazza98.
Welcome to the forum.
The root cause must be found before any effective therapy (besides supplementation) can be suggested. You should get some vitamin D, by getting some sun exposure (if it is safe to do so), or supplementing with a good quality D3.
The CFS and Fibro connection is a bit difficult to establish unless:
  One makes the Hypothesis that you have Lyme Disease or a Pathogenic Mycoplasma co-infection.  Your hormonal Imbalances along your other symptoms would be consistent with either one of those 2 hypothetical scenarios.
So, in order to arrive at anything conclusive you must consult with a LLMD (Lyme Literate
Medical Doctor) who is hopefully Pathogenic Mycoplasma Literate. www.ilads.org
  Please do careful research, become aware of what options are available to you, as most
"maistream" Medical Doctors, including Rheumies and other specialists are not up with the research, diagnosis and treatment of such conditions.
Dr. Garth Nicolson is one of the few Doctors that can help with Pathogenic Mycoplasmas.
He is the world's expert in this field. www.immed.org
Hope this helps.
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Perhaps I should at least add that I am 22 years old, male, and was an elite athlete at the time that my condition began to develop. The most recent suggestion is that my symptoms of "pain" are closely linked with Central Sensitization Syndrome that can often arise in Fibro sufferers. Thanks
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