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Do I have Fibro

Hi - I am a 30 year old athletic female, 130lb and 5'6". About 6 months ago I started having problems, tendonitis in the anke, both wrist aching, both knees and quads burning. I have also had more random shoulder pain and continous groin/hip pain in the right only. Back in March I was tested for everything, RA, Lymes, Lupus ect and all negative, except a postive ANA. Also, my periods have either come too often, 3 in 6 weeks, or slightly late (ultrasound confirmed no fibroids).

It started to subside mid April, so had 3 pretty good weeks, but now my knees and wrists are aching/burning again and can't walk again. It feels more muscular than joint. I also have some sharp pains when I move too quickly - thought I was getting better, and now I am back to square one. Been trying acupuncture for a month now, which I am not sure is helping.

One dr suggested fibro, but I do not have sleep issues, and I feel like these are "flare ups" which arent consistent to the symptoms.

What do you think I have, or who else to ask for tests/help/treatment? I feel in pain a lot and confused on how to proceed as no one seems to know what to suggest.

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Hi. I'm not a doctor but I've had fibro since 1995, and wasn't clinically diagnosed until 2004!  So I know what you are going through.  I don't have sleep issues unless I'm really hurting in a certain area.  You don't have to have sleep issues with fibro necessarily.

I also have a damaged or compressed nerve that causes my right thigh to go numb throughout the day and lower back issues with degenerative disc disease, etc.
Like you, I was a very active person. I am now 57.  :)  I do have hip pain in both hips, shooting pain down both hamstrings, sore shoulders, just 'all over' pain.  At times, there are hot spots in certain areas of my legs and sometimes the skin itself is even sore for a few days.  It feels like I've had a very hard work out at the gym, when your muslces are sore from over working them, it feels like that all the time though.  The soreness only subsides when I do absolutely nothing.  So I do things, just not as much of them or as often. I am a happy individual anyway.  :)

It does sound like you may have fibromyalgia.  What helped me was acceptance.  I only became depressed when I fought it in the beginning.

I can do things like walk and stretch,  but I have to limit physical activities throughout the day.  No drug has helped me.  I do eat really well, and I juice veggies and fruit to try to feed my muscles.  I also take healthy supplements, fish oil, C, and protein powders in my fruit smoothies that I make at home - this has to be doing some good I figure.  I've had to go on disability because I can't sit or stand for lengths of time without pain of some kind.  The heating pad has become a part of me, it is the only thing that gives me instant relief, that and ice at times.  :)  I'm 5ft. 7" and 137 pounds.

I could go on and on about it.  If you have anymore questions that I could possibly help you with feel free to email me at ***@****.

Take care, and chin up.  :)  Fibromyalgia can be worked with, and not against.  We may not be able to change our immediate circumstances but we can change our attitudes about them.  :)  This has made all the difference for me personally.
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sorry to hear you havent found a supportive doctor.  I live in SE AZ and see both a rheumie a neuro and a chronic pain specialist in Tucson who are very supportive.  If you are in AZ and in that area, Desert Pain Rehab, Steven Edelmen (may not be correct spelling but under Dr. Arnold Farr), Center for Neuro Sciences for neuro etc, and Dr Ulker Tok rheumatologist....they are all very supportive.
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I don't know how you do it.  I'm on disability.  I can no longer work a full time job without being in constant discomfort.  That's just the reality of it.  I'm 57 years of age, 5ft 7", 140 pounds, and in fairly good health otherwise.  I do have osteoporosis and arthritis and some back problems as well, hips too - concerning the muscles.

"But," I have a really healthy attitude.  :)

I know what you mean about having had physical therapy, I've had it twice, injections, etc.  None of them have helped.  For me, the heating pad is my constant companion.  :)  I do take hot baths using Aromatherapy Epsom Salts which do help me to relax.  

The reason for my depression, years ago, was realizing that I could no longer work substantially any longer.  That, and people look at you like you're nuts and you are imagining all the pain you are having.  It was very difficult to go through that at the time, speaking for myself.  I decided to embrace the pain and do what I can to work with it instead of against it.  It has made all the difference for me.  Yes, it's painful.  But I've decided to do my best to control it instead of allowing it to control me.  :)  You are right, you are going to be your own best therapist because you know your body better than anyone else does.

I can still do things, just in much smaller portions and shorter periods of time.  I hope you are successful finding a doctor that actually listens to you.  No offense to any doctors here...

Take care, sincerely.  :)  ♥
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I have fibro I've had five neck surgeries and the constant moving of my necks muscles and tendons left me with pain from my neck to my right shoulder blade.  I've tried trigger point injections. physical therapy, steroid injections but none really work.  I am looking for a good doc in the area.  I am going to a new doc three hours away next month.

I found the best for me was self massage, walking, cold packs and my tens unit.  I just talked to the makers of my tens unit and they have a portable one for pain I'm trying to get my doctor to write a script for.  If not, I will buy it my self.  I work at a computer all day and the doctor said I can only sit for 20 min and then need to move around, stretch for another 20 min.  However, I catch myself sitting there for hours.  I bought a timer just need to start using it.

the pain can be debilitating and has caused me to be depressed and also have anxiety.  It has also made it where I have to get away and be alone a couple days a week to unwind.
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Hi. :)  I'm so glad you've been able to find a doctor that is actually concerned.  I haven't been that fortunate over the years, in fact a lot of us haven't been that fortunate.  I've looked, believe me.  I've been to rheumatologists that weren't helpful at all but were more like fast food doctors to be very honest. So, I am sincerely happy for you.

Because of this, I've had to do my own therapy which has worked out well for me.  I've had to do lots of research on the subject and learn how to manage the pain on my own because nothing has helped me to do that so far other than what I do at home.  Physical therapy does not help, I've tried it twice.  I do my own hot baths with Epsom Salts and Therapuetic salts that are wonderful, and give me some relief
I find it very odd when doctors suggest doing Yoga or working out.  They just don't get it, at least the ones I've seen over the years.  When your muscles are in pain and feel over worked and sore to begin with, the gym is the last place you want to go.  Yoga incorporates the muscles as well, which is painful, at least it is for me.  :)  So, I guess fibromyalgia speaks differently to each individual that has it and we all find our own personal program to follow that works for us.  I do stretching and light walking every day as well as light exercises.

It hasn't made me give up on Life however or live in depression.   Been there, done that.  I Love Life and have every intention of making it the best day every day, with fibromyalgia in tow.  :)  

Take care of yourself as well, and I am so glad you've found a doctor that actually helps you.  ♥  That's a real find.
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Hello, so sorry to hear of your troubles.  My advice is to see a rheumatologist(sp?) they are usually considered arthritis doctors.  I was diagnosed by one and from everything I've read they are the best to do the diagnosis. From my own personal expeirence I had a blood test to rule out everything they could.  Then some x-rays also.  After he ruled out all the stuff like RA, lymes disease, lupus, mono etc... He then checked all of the trigger points and I reacted to most all of them.  You can find pictures of where the trigger points are on WebMD.  I would definitely recommend you see a rhuemy doc.  But be careful and find one that believes fibro exists and is willing to work with you on treatment.  Your PCP can help you manage the fibro also, mine does and she is wonderful.  A good doc will be more valuable than you can imagine.  Can't stress that enough. I drive 2+ hours to see my rheumy doc and 40 mins to see my PCP.  It is worth every bit of the gas money.  Some of what your symtoms are sounds like fibro but, with fibro you can have a multitude of other things going on like arthritis, CFS etc..  My PCP just had me do an MRI and bone scan.  
She is just really making sure everything else is ruled out.  With fibro that seems to be the key, rule out everything they can test for and your left with fibro.  I really hope you don't have this.  It is a truly awful thing to have.  I hope this finds you well and you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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It looks like they blocked my email address.  Take care.  ♥  "You" are the best therapist you're going to have so be good to yourself.  :)
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