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Has anyone been to the Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers for teatments. I am planning on going in February to the Atlanta location since there are no Centers here in Florida. My Mom has been gong and has been very inspiring to me to visit as ell. Has nyone had positive feedback as well to share.
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I haven't visited one of the Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers but my specialist has spoken with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum on several occasions and I know that Dr. Teitelbaum is one of the world's leading experts on fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I think you are making a wise decision seeing him. I have problems with physicians who just prescribe Lyrica. And what really bites is that some of the physicians still don't even believe fibro is even real or that they rely on the pharmaceutical companies for their research and don't pay attention to other research.

I have already included Dr. Teitelbaum in my journal of "physicians who deserve our attention"  ; ^ )

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We don't have one close enough to make it feasible in my area, but I had heard there were a few of them around the US.  I think it's wonderful that you have an opportunity to attend and I wish you the best outcome possible.
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I have one in my city and plan on going to it. My doctors bless their little hearts are trying to no avail. I'm still in a lot of pain all the time, and on another board their centers were suggested to me. Before I found out about it I figured there wouldn't be one near me because that's how it's been with all the specialists I've needed. I nearly jumped up and down when I found out there is one in my state, in fact, miles away.
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Hi.  i'm new to this forum but not new to fibromyalgia/cfs.  i was dx'd in apr '00 after contracting Fifth disease, aka human parvovirus B19, a virus normally contracted in childhood.  i was considerably older than that when i got it.  it kicked my butt and caused fibromyalgia to rear its ugly head.  been on disability ever since.  anyhoo, there is a fibromyalgia clinic in Tucson, AZ that seems to be part of a family of FMS/CFS clinics all over the US.  Their approach is more holistic and I don't know if they use narcotic pain meds as part of their treatment protocol.  I was not able to get my BCBS to cover the cost of a visit to them, so i have not been yet.  I think I'll just suck it up and pay the cost myself just to go see what they have to offer.  I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I have been at this long enough to spot snake oil salesmen a mile away.  i'm going to check it out with a cousin of my who also has fibro.  i just don't know when we'll get to go because we don't live in Tucson and would have to make an overnight trip out of it.  
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"anyhoo, there is a fibromyalgia clinic in Tucson, AZ that seems to be part of a family of FMS/CFS clinics all over the US."

Which clinic is this ? I only ask because I know it can't be one of Teitelbaum's clinics. The Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers are located in Atlanta, GA, Cleveland, OH, Dallas, TX, Denver, CO, Detroit, MI, Fort Worth, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Norwalk, CT, Philadelphia, PA, Portland, OR, Pittsburgh, PA and Seattle, WA.
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I am a new patient of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center of Philadelphia. So far they have discovered that I have hypothyroid, reactivated EBV, and elevated HHV6 when other doctors didn't have a clue.  I just started on bio-identical T3 hormone for my thyroid which is suppose to boost my immune system and some other supplements to get my body ready to fight the chronic infection. Two months from now the doctor is going to begin me on anti-viral treatment. The anti-viral treatment is 6 months.
They also do IVs...I had two so far which boosted my immune system. They worn you if you have an active infection the IV will make you sicker and they were right, but this is a good thing! It's because the IV boosts your immune system so it can now try to fight off the infection.  For me, my symptoms of sore throat, swollen glands, fever, rash, and nausea worsened, but it should get better with time.  
Based on what I know so far, I would highly recommend going to a Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Center.  They treat the underlying causes of these disorders, not the symptoms!  They have great success rates.  

Best Wishes,
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I had to postpone my appt until this past month. Finally went on the 16th to the Atlanta, Ga Clinic. It was a 4 hour visit. Consult which lasts an hour, 24 tubes of blood drawn, IV drip with 2 injections, and 1 injection in hip, plus was prescribed supplements, powders, and sleep aid. It cost a total of $525.00 for everything excluding bloodwork, which will be covered by Ins. Also the IV and injections will also be covered as well. I was quite impressed by the Doctor and Nurses, plus the whole overall experience. I go for my followup on April 15. I look forward to the findings from all the blood tests. They are thorough to say the least. It was also nice to chat with the other patients while we were recieving our IVs, learning about there experiences and how well they are doing since attending the clinic. It certainly offered me positive insight and hopefully will win this horrible battle I have been facing. I will keep you all posted on next months visit and treatments offered as well. I am taking my supplements at home religiously, and hope they help soon. I know it will take time to feel somewhat better, but this illness definetly wares down your patience level.
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Hi! I went to the Fibro and Fatigue Center in Seattle, WA a year and a half ago. I was definitely impressed by the thoroughness and knowledge and originally felt really good about everything. However, for me personally, the IV's never helped me (so I eventually stopped getting them - why pay for something that doesn't work?) and the Vitamin B12 injections made me sicker. Also, some of the supplements made me feel worse, as well. Everything took a downturn when my doctor left the clinic to start her own. I went with her, because another doctor had also left the Clinic and both were not happy with the way things were run there - they said that they didn't get enough time with the patients, etc. Anyways, it might have been a mistake to leave, because my doctor ended up being so overloaded trying to get her practice started (by herself) that she flaked out on my treatment - even prescribing me higher doses than I was supposed to have (which made me worse) and treating me for problems that I ended up not really having.

The Centers are impressive with their thoroughness and knowledge. I was not impressed with the one in Seattle or the doctors there. However, they might be different in Atlanta.

I hope things go well for you!
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