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Inner Ear Pain and Fibromyalgia

I have not yet been formally diagnosed with FM.  I am still trying to figure out what I have.  This has been a long frustrating and expensive journey.  I am set for 3 MRIs and after that  I am at my wits end.

My symptoms began with left sided jaw and neck pain.  It was annoying.  It then radiated to the front of my neck and hurt into my throat.  At times, I did not even want to talk because it was a strain.  Then the pain would leave and not return for a while.  I thought that was awesome and whatever it was left me.  Then it returned with a vengeance on the right side only now with severe inner ear pain, burning and throbbing.  It radiates to my throat and neck as well.  I saw an ENT and she dismissed it as muscle pain.  I saw a chiro and he tried to help but honestly it was minimal relief.  I just now saw a neurologist and that is where the MRIs are coming in.  He never mentioned Fibromyalgia to me.  In fact, nobody has.  So on my own I have scoured the internet and searched inner ear pain and fibro.  I saw people have experienced this and I felt hopeful that I am not alone in this.  I also at times feel like I get a flare up and feel like I have sores ( you cant see them) in my mouth,  primarily right sided at the moment.  Or a feeling of something caught in my throat.  I feel like I am losing my mind and my life over this.  Does anyone out there have any of these symptoms?  I am desperate for help.
Thank you in advance.
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I also have all those symptoms!   Right now I am using headphones to listen to relaxing music to mask the constant humming in my ear.  I saw an ENT and did an MRI and luckily, no brain tumor pressing on my ear.  I've seen 3 rheumatologists, confirmed fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.  I have seen 3 neurologists to confirm cervical dystonia.  I have tons of meds and Botox injections for the tug of war inside my body.  It is excrutiatingly painful and is also manifests all along my whole right side- jaw, eyes, face, shoulder, hip, thighs, ribs and calf.  I went to multiple chiros and massage therapists and even tried acupuncture.  I have constant mouth sores which are like bubbles bursting or ulcers with white spots.  I've seen an allergist and dentist who claim my mouth sores are from an unclean mouth.  Which is impossible because I brush 2x a day and floss daily.  I found a mouth rinse that does help with the pain a little bit.  I've went to a naturopath/homeopath as well.  I feel as I am fighting for my life.  But since the diagnosis 3 years ago I haven't given up yet!  
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How did your MRI tests turn out?
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Start calling Drs. Offices in your area and asking if there are any doctors in their clinics who have knowledge of Fibromyalgia. I suffered for 2 1/2 years and went through multiple Drs. who had no answers before I did this. Found a Dr. and after one simple test she was able to ddiagnose me with significant Fibromyalgia. She put me on one medication and special diet. I am finally almost symptom free!! Most medical Drs. do not have alot of knowledge about Fibro. Hope this helps!!
I also suffer from fibromyalgia .  Can you share what kind of test you took and the medication you take?  I would appreciate your help.
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