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Not sure anymore, I am just not sure!!!

Hi all, greetings from Australia, I will make this long but to the point as I am at my witts end, as I always am when I am having a flare.

I have been diagnosed with:

CFS/FMS I think ive had this since my teens, my 16 year old daughter was diagnosed 2 years ago as well.
PCOS: I had trouble conceiving but managed it twice!
DIABETES 2: Bought about by the PCOS that doctors ignored for years

Anyway my life has been one roller coaster of pain and flares and relapses. I would like to tell you all my symptoms, just to see if you all think I still come under the FMS CFS banner or I need to look at MS or SLE?

Symptoms: DONT ANYONE TOUCH MY RIBS!!!!!! my knees, my hips, or anything near bone! fatigue, mood swings
shocking neck pains I have massage every week for this as now I have a dowagers hump.
I have all the FMS tender points plus a few of my very own. and PAIN OMG the pain, arms legs hips, Now this is the most annoying part, my eyesight has gotten worse cant see much but blur out of my right eye, I get facial neuralgia mouth ulcers. and this is when I am not even in a flare

When im in a flare I have all of the above plus!!

flu aches and pains
low grade temp
If I use my muscles to much they swell, if I type for too long the next morning my fingers look like sausages.
I have started to have a slight tingling in my leg like a tiny little electic shock it comes and goes
rining in my ears
few finger twitches
and some numbness if I lay on my back for too long
cold to the bone YET the warmth I crave from a warm shower or hot bath makes me feel ill when I get out I feel like I have run a marathon just going to the toilet, and I am bed ridden.

when I am this bad I spend about a month getting better, have maybe 3-4 good weeks then BAM back it comes agan!!


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I forgot the most important part the new and probably worse symptoms,

when I am out shopping or anytime actually, I come over all hot my face blushes I feel like I am about to faint everything goes blury and I feel like I am about to pass out I have to sit down and eat something and it has nothing to do with low sugar levels

ughhhh ???
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Thanks for all the wonderful encourgement and warm welcome


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