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One more question!  Does anyone else experience inner thigh pain?  I've been getting this on and off since this all started.  It is in both thighs and is kinda shooting pains.  Any advice or ideas??
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Yep, I got it in my left hip really bad. I'ts also in my right, but the pain isn't quiet so bad, just VERY tendor. I ache all the time.  The first of Feb. I did something to my left hip and have messed it up bad. Now I have unberable pain. I'm on pain med, after my doctor and I had a few words. I was told I have strained a muscle in the groin of my left thigh and hip. It has not healed yet. My daughter is concerned that my left hip is going out. I had to have a right hip replacement done about 4-5 years ago. We beleive it was Fibo that got it. I had no hip by the time it was replaced. She afraid the Fibro has attacked the left one now. I go see a doctor next week to start finding out what it is.
I've had Fibro for a very long time and did not know it.  I did not know it existed  or anything about it until about 9 months ago. I have educated myself on it since then. I finally convinced my doctor to consider it. Now, I'm getting some treatment for it.It has been horrible and has taken a lot of my life. I can not do nearly what I could do before this. Oh, I can get long winded, sorry. Yes , in answer to your question
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Got carried away. Advice. Depends on how much pain you can take. I perosnally don't think it will get any better, sorry. Your suppose to exercise and walk. My question to that is how do you do that when the pain is so bad. Admive-hang in there. IF you happen to have a good and understanding doctor keep him/her informed.If you have the same problem most of us have, nag your doctor to know end to help and listen to you.I wasn't doing that until everyone on here got through to me.
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I'm with you there junglejim46 (having had fibro for a very long time).

skarey - I have not had inner thigh pain, but knowing how FMS loves to travel about ones body it doesn't surprise me it hits you there.  The on and off symptoms you describe sounds similar to others here.  It could be a type of disassociative pain from a tender point you have.

Hope you feel better soon.
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