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Please help, I'm about to loose my job

Hey guys and gals, it's a long story but the long and short of it is... I have fms and chronic headakes, and have been trying different combanations of meds for about a year now and am now on the best combination so far but I think it's also causing some symtems to get worse....

Iv always had problems with fibro fog in particular memory and speaking but it has been getting worse for the past few months to the point where I am about to loose my job because I am forgetting to do things that are really important ( I work in insurance and a lot of stuff we legally need to do). My dr has ordered blood tests and checking my bp etc to make sure nothing else is going on but if she can't find anything new we are going to have to review my meds which I am ok with because I need my mind back but am also worried because I am in less pain the way they are just now has anyone else had the same problem and whAt did you do?

I'm taking at the moment :- pregablin 300mg 2times a day tramadol 200mg 2times a day tramadol 50mg 4 times a day (if needed) duloxitine 60mg 1 times a day mebevrin 3 times a day ginko biloba 120mg 2times a day fish oils parasetimol and diclofenic as required risatriptan as required

in the past iv tryed gabapentin instead of pregablin

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Is there any option of taking some time off to give you some time to find the right medications? Also do you get enough sleep?  I've read that 10-12 hours of sleep is ideal for FMS sufferers and I know I can barely function on the rare nights I only get about 6 hours.  If you are not able to sleep, they may be able to give you something for that.  Also for alertness, I have found that Green Tea or Iced Tea works better than coffee sometimes for energy.  If you can, take a short walk or sit outside on your breaks to help clear your mind.  Just some ideas.
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I must admit this is my first comment on this forum and your situation hit home. I too suffer from FMS and have had it since teenage years that had increased to full body infliction that I have missed work. Yet being in the medical field and having minimal support from piers due to limit explaination of the diagnosis that I have suffered physically and mentally to keep my job . I notice a fog and that I contribute to the FMS and I say this because as I said I suffer internally and have had minimal medication induction. I have limited myself to take any pain mgmt so my doctors would find a diagnosis that was more socially exceptable. Does this make sense? Until recently after going through MRI,Ct scans, EMG, Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Neurosurgeons, Physiologist and almost a priest for an exorcism (kidding) because I thought I was going crazy when the pain hit a 10 out of 10 . I started on ultram 200mg a day total (50 mg x 4 day ).  Diagnosed 8 years ago but being stubborn I hurt myself .  You need to be your own advocate . I mentioned the fog and thats part of the FMS but I must agree with  Cascarb you take alot of sedating medications which probably is increasing that fog feeling. I havent seen to many people over the 200mg of Ultram but you can get into the 400 mg range but as stated it can give you a sedating effect and increase the seizure risk ... yet they "md"state its "non addictive" I must say I cant function without my 200mg a day. I take a butt load of Ibuprophen and gives me the risk of a GI Bleed so whats the better of the two evils?? the lyrica 400mg is that correct? I was just started on this and I only take 50mg twice a day and I find myself sluggish. Ultram does come in a extended release which may be better for you. The headaches mine start in the neck and end up behing my eye. (more of a occipital neuralgia pain) which lidocaine/steroid injections help .  Just a suggestion.  Thanks for sharing .. I am blessed to have a Fibromyalgia doctor that I would offer my angel wings to.
P/s I also encourage accupuncture...
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Hey dust, ye my dr knows about the tramadol it was a pain consultant that put me on it. I might see about cutting the 200mg to 100mg and keeping the 50mg's in case I need them.  Ye I told my GP that I wasn't happy with the high does of the Lycra and she said that my consultant wanted me on a higher dose but she refused to prescribe it. We are going to look at cutting it down because my eyes are really photo sensative since going on it and it's something I was always lucky not to be botherd with before.

Ye the mebevrin is for ibs you might know is as colofac. My boss knows about my illness and want to help in one breath and doesn't care in another she seems to think that because my illness makes me unsutable for my current role if I don't get better they can get rid of me even though their are other rolls which would suit me much better.  I have a 1-2-1 with her tomorrow again so Weill see what she says
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I am still surprised at the dose of Lyrica that your doctor started you off on. I think that may have to do with your fogginess. Can you cut back on it? Also, Taking more than 400mg of Tramadol per day is dangerous. You can induce a seizure. Does your doctor know this??? I am a little concerned for you??? I would ask your doctor if you can cut back to 400mg on the Lyrica and 400mg on the Tramadol. You may have to slowly taper however, but you need to get those doses down. I am not familiar with the Mebevrin. Is that for IBS?

Have you shared with your employer that you have FMS? I am not sure what the laws are in your country, but we do have some disability laws here in the states. Often times employers here in the states do not abide by them when it comes to FMS, but it might be helpful for you to talk to your manager if you trust him or her and let them know that you have an illness that you are dealing with. Sometimes it's helpful to get them involved, so they can help you. Do you trust your boss?
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