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Recent Fibro diagnosis

I'm frustrated. I've been out of work for quite some time, due to economy and not feeling well. I just moved back to WA from CA and don't have a dr yet. I plan on going to the local community health clinic nearby but am scared about what they will do for me. I am going to bring my rx bottles that are now empty....a few still have some. I take meds for depression and anxiety but nothing for Fibro. I feel awful every single day. I was given Tramadol 50 mg about 3 months ago and they are gone, they only worked if I took like 4 of them at a time and even then it wasn't enough. Any advice out there as to what to say to the drs?? I'm scared cause I know how they are now with the drug regulations and all. Any advice will help. Thanks
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Hey km357,
The vicious FMS cycle: The pain causes interrupted and poor quality sleep-poor quality sleep causes anxiety -which causes more pain-....
And then the medications to manage the symptoms create another vicious cycle : medications cause JNK gene activation-prolonged JNK gene activation causes more chronic disease-more chronic disease more medications. And no mention of side effects yet. It doesn't get better.
Suddenly, possibility of no medications. Does this spell disaster in ones life? The false sense of security is collapsing.
It is almost unthinkable to manage without.
Yet there might be an opportunity presenting itself to you, under these dire circumstances to explore other options outside the medical thinking box and outside dependency. Options that are free or inexpensive. I believe that we all have within us-no matter how grave the situation- the ability to rebound. And you have this too.
But you must feel you are ready. Otherwise it's a struggle. You don't need another one. Hey, you may need support and encouragement to turn it around. That's it!!!  That's what's missing!! There are other parts of the forum-other communities. Support is out there! Just come forth.
Took me a few minutes to clue in.
When I felt ready to rebound (many years ago), I had decided to make it a life or death situation. Obviously life prevailed. lol! I'm here, healthy and sharing stuff.
Anyways back to your question for now.
I really don't know what I would say to the doctor, other than the truth.
Look them in the eye and with all your honesty, tell him/her your story.
Be brief and to the point. Doctors get a lot of free drugs as samples to
give out to patients (within guidelines and restrictions of course).
The mfg of these medications also have plans in place to assist people who are in situation like yours, to continue getting their meds. Unless those meds fall under certain guidelines and this may very well be the case here, as any meds associated with  possible addictions are carefully monitored.
Check their website for details or call their Customer Care dept.

If you wish to explore other options and I hope you do, then let me know.
Stay strong,you're still very young and with the right choices you can have a good and healthier life ahead of you!
Post again or pm me directly, as I feel strongly you're reaching out for support. You need to heal your life. And you know it!
Wishing you well.
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You may want to see if you can get into a pain specialist. Narcotics aren't that great for FMS pain. They work better on acute pain.

Depending on how old you are too it may become an issue in regards to tolerance. If you are in your seventies it isn't as much of a problem but if you are in your 40's it can be. Your body will get used to the narcotic and you will need more and more to get the same effect (tolerance not addiction - you aren't getting high). There is only so high they can go.

Lyrica may be more beneficial long term. If you can't afford lyrica than elavil has been show to work for Chronic Pain at relatively low doses. (and is so old its cheap cheap). Trazodone can help you get a good night's sleep and helps with stage 4 sleep. Both of these are antidepressants so you'll want to make sure your prescribing Dr. knows what you take for depression. I take depression meds and trazodone so I know those two can be mixed.

And exercise is really important. It may hurt to do it, but it has been proven to help with long term outcomes (will also do wonders for depression). And it is about starting really slow. Start with one minute during commercials of your favorite TV show. Just some gentle walking. Try to go up a minute every few days. If you feel an increase in pain that lasts more than a day, slow down and hold at that level for a while. They recommend 120 minutes of exercise a week for someone in chronic pain.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with your muscles, they work just fine, its the pain signals that are wonky. Your brain is sending out false messages. You will not do any damage to your body by working out. No matter what that brain is telling you.
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Thank you...I appreciate your help and advice. I'm just getting over the flu but plan to go to the dr in the next few days...if they can get me in. I will try to post back soon on what happens. It's just frustrating.....and so misunderstood FMS and depression.
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Thank you. I have thought about Lyrica....and have seen the commercials. They may suggest it or I may. I am currently on Effexor for depression and they prescribed Trazadone a long time ago for sleep but it always makes me feel sooo bad in the morning that I won't take it anymore. So really I just take Effexor and a birth control pill, that is it. I was on something for anxiety but ran out too. Plan to go to dr soon.........will stay posted.
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