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Savella and High Blood Pressure

Has anyone with pre existing hypertension & fibro tried savella?  If so, has your bp spiked at all?  I'm afraid to try it for that reason.  I took Pristiq for about 4 weeks and my blood pressure which was well under control went out of control, so I had to get off the medicine.  I know it works in the same ways, and I know everyone is different, I'm just checking.  I previously tried Lyrica & Cymbalta, which both made me feel worse than I did with the Fibro and Fatigue.  Any help is appreciated.  Thx, Sharon
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Yes i have hypertension and cardiomyopathy along with the fibro.. Savella has not bothered my BP has however increased pulse rate a good bit. Hasen't done a lot for the pain but everybody is differant. I hope i was some help.
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Thanks for the info, I did just read where they may pull Savella off the market for cardiovascular side effects - so be careful and many thanks for answering!
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