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Weather and symptoms

Hi all,
hope you are not feeling too bad. Thought I'd feel better this evening with England bound to beat Algeria but they all looked like they had mild M.E.! Yes i am female and yes, I love football. But England 0! My  grandsons could do better aged 6 and 7.
anyway, is it just me or is this hot/ cold weather in England affecting anyone else? I just want to sleep through the whole day!  And, if anyone else has psoriasis as well - I have it badly but it is reasonably controlled- it has gone quite mad as soon as the weather changed and I am using every mind game in the book to take myself away from the itching  and using all my  greasy creams, including in my head, I look like a witch with all my hair sticking up and feel like a chip - it's a wonder i don't slide off the chair.
I'm so fed up, so tired. Not depressed though. thank heaven.
Another question: does anyone else have a reaction to tea tree oil? I can't have it anywhere near me,  I can hardly breathe! Any medic bods out there who know  why that would affect someone's breathing?
My poor carer nearly fainted with fright today.
she was so excited that she had found a natural stuff for my itches. It looked like a lip gloss, had no smell and I just took it and looked at it. there was no odour but I suddenly had a choking feeling and couldn't catch my breath. this has happened before when someone brought me the real smelly stuff so i thought it was the odour. But i didn't know what this was yet. anyone else with that strange reaction?
I have another good idea. Why doesn't a reasonable guy start a site on MedHelp called "A Man Thing" then all of us from venus could just  log on and ask this guy "Is this a man thing?" when the people from mars do such strange things, can't understand us, don't talk, etc. He'd have a really easy job just saying "Yes or "No", and we could get on with our day quite satisfied that they are are strange as we though they were instead of wondering all day if it was us.
Thank you to anyone who replies. sorry, once i start writing, can't stop.    
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While I don't live in England, I must say that weather changes or extremes definitely make me feel worse.  Even going from an air conditioned building outside into the heat (or a heated building outside into the cold), can send me into a bad downward spiral of pain and of course the fatigue goes right along with it.. I also have severe arthritis along with the fibro, so that doesn't' help matters any.  I quite often say that I am a walking, talking barometer!  My body seems to be able to predict the weather MUCH more accurately and consistently that the weathermen who are paid the big bucks!!

Most definitely stay away from teh tea tree oil!  It most defintely sounds like you had a SEVERE allergic reaction to it.  Have you ever considered/talked to your doctor about carrying an epi-pen with you for just such a reaction?  It might not be a bad idea.
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Hi sweetie,
thank you so much for your answer. I think we need to offer our services to the media! They'll think we're so clever, we'll get the big bucks and at least something positive  would have come out of this rubbish condition! I get arthritis from my psoriasis. My family actually believe me now when it's bright sunshine and I tell them It's going to rain. I also get the thunder headache.
Oh! what delicate creatures we are!
Think you're right about that tea tree stuff. I'll have to let my absolutely terrible doctor know. With him, he 's so bad at diagnosis that you have to twist everything he says round the opposite way!
My  littly grandson had a terrible earache. My daughter took him to to see Dr. Nogood who said "don't worry, it's just wax".
My daughter took him straight to the hospital and the poor little love had a perforated eardrum!
Yes, i know I should change my doctor but I am concerned that anyone new won't give me all the meds I need. He's good at that cos he doesn't have to do anything except  sign his name on the repeat prescription.
anyway, once again, thanks for taking the trouble to tell me that there are at least 2 of us who are psychic weather ladies!
Take carexxx
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My husband teases me when I say that its going to rain, and usually in about 3 days or so, it does, so I definitely know where you are coming from! I too also have arthritis and fibro along with several other issues. I wish it would just go away for good. Hope you are having a great day.
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