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When Lupus and Fibromyalgia Meet.....

Okay, I have both.  I am new to all of this, and my rheumy has been saying my pleurisy is a lupus symptom for months.  Now, I just saw her last week, and since I said the Plaquenil hasn;t helped my pleurisy yet, she says it's probably the fibromyalgia causing the pleurisy.  I have never heard that as a symptom of fibro...... Is this lady "giving up", "guessing" or "correct".........

And when is pleurisy important?  When you have fluid in your lungs?  Because no one seems to concerned that the pain is unbearable at times.  It got better, then I got an upper respiratory infection (thanks to American Airlines) and now, for two weeks, I am still sick, and the rib cage pain is back and it's all getting so aggravating, but I am so tired of doctors...... So, I am trying to figure out what to do.  Should I suck it up and go to the doc, or just deal with it and    wait it out?

Appreciate any help.
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It is hard when you have FM and an autoimmune disease.

Typically the only way to tell is via your bloodwork.

Have they checked you for costeochondritis?  It can cause the same symptoms and often comes along with the pleurisy.

The best thing I have ever taken that helped is prednisone.  

Fibro does NOT cause pleurisy.  However people with fibro are more prone to is.

The big risk of pleurisy is pneumonia.  If it hurts to breathe deeply, you wont.  this will increase the risk of pneumonia.

My doc is fairly agressive in treating it as I am prone to pneumonia.

Hope this helps
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Yes, I got costrochondritis, too.... had that since I was 22.... 34 now.... So, that has plagues me for years and not one doc gave me prescription meds for it.... until I got lupus and fibro.  Then I was given naproxen, which did not help, so my doc said stop taking it.  But, I never heard of pleurisy and fibro.  And she kept saying it was from lupus until our last visit, like she just got tired of me bringing it up..... So, don;t know what's up with that twist.

Haven;t been offered steroids yet.  I keep hearing that that works wonders, but I feel weird asking the doc for drugs, since she is the doc and I am the patient, but, maybe I need to.  Because between the chest pain and the rib pain, I'm in pain!!  (No kidding, right?)

I'm just a tad bit worried about pneumonia.  That' why I posted this.  I have never been this sick for two weeks, and I finally had no flare, then I went on the trip, and had some leg pain, then got this infection.... But, I don;t know if I should go back to the doc or not..... It's just frustrating..... But, I gopt the weekend to think about it, and see where it goes.

Thanks for your comment!
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