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When do flare ups most likely occur

Hey I am new here and I am a sufferer of fibromyalgia they diagnosed it a while ago. I wasn't taking anything for it for a while because I am on a bunch of other medications the way it is but now I am taking a all natural supplement that has cherry in it. It really helps but I still get the occasional flareups and I never can predict when they will come. When I get them I have gotten a variety of symptoms such as shocking pain, body aches, feeling kind of sick, and I got the trigger points on my body that hurt my knees, elbows, back, sometimes my neck and my hands. So  I guess I am just curious as to what other people experience with their fibromyalgia and when it acts up for them. Mine acts up mainly when its cold and sometimes with warmer weather changes as well. I am not for sure but I think I have had some flare ups when I was under stress.
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Hi aly425 and welcome to the forum.

You are not alone! I like that. You are surely not alone here!

Your fibromyalgia flare-ups could be related to underlying low adrenal function,
(which is often associated with low thyroid function as secondary),
caused probably by chronically elevated stress levels.
In low thyroid function as well as in Fibromyalgia ( I suspect that low thyroid function is the "hidden" culprit in this ), temperature tolerance is only within a very narrow range, with cold temperatures causing more issues on the average, since they are often connected to the falling barometric pressure and affecting cortisol levels in the body.
Lower barometric pressure may cause a drop in cortisol levels.

I get the feeling that any attempt to improve symptoms which are close to the surface may only work to a degree and only with temp. results, unless deeper rooted issues are addressed.

Have you had PTSD-like symptoms since your accident, when did this take place and how long have you been diagnosed with FMS and with your other conditions?
Please provide some details, if you're up to it, including tests, test results
from what you remember , treatment plan and medications.

There's a chance - without intending to offer you false hope- that if a comprehensive treatment strategy can be implemented, approaching your issues using a bottom-up plan, may lead to notable improvement.

Please note that my suggestions and comments are not intended to replace medical advice.

Let me know if you need any details and I will be looking forward to your reply with your answers and comments.

Best wishes.

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Well to say at most I do have a thyroid problem I have hashimotos disease and have been diagnosed since I was 13. I don't have a lot of ptsd issues sometimes thoughts about the accident come back but its not to a severe extent. I am on many different medications for different medical issues. As for how long I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia it has been at least a year.
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OK aly425. Now, I believe we're on the right track.

The only "grey area" would be chronic hidden stress, which you would not be  necessarily aware of, but we can leave this out for the time being.

A few things you may want to consider doing.

1. Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test. Must be done precisely as instructed.  Just look it up online. This will reflect cellular thyroid function accurately,despite serum thyroid test results that may indicate otherwise.
Can you tell me how you monitor your thyroid function to get your thyroid supplements adjusted?

2. Can you list your meds (dosage & frequency also) and the conditions you're taking them for?

3. Dr. Coca's Pulse Test for reaction to anything ingested, including
delayed reactions.
Suspect is gluten and dairy in regards to Hashi's and carbs in general in regards to Fibro.
Beware of hidden sources of gluten, like shampoo, play-dough, salad dressings, sauces and literally thousands of products-many of them not listing it as an ingredient. Please do an online search for the complete list.

There are more things, but I don't to overwhelm you with information overload all at once.

Take care.

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I am under a lot of stress a lot. Also my current meds I am on some of them entail my thyroid med levothyroxine, lithium and fanapt for schizoaffective disorder, lamotrigine,  topomax also to help with mood control, gabapentin for ocd, vyvanse for adhd, and baclofen for my back. I take cherry supplement for fibromyalgia, a daily vitamin, fish oil, flax oil, raspberry ketone for weight stuff.
How my thyroid gets regulated and monitored closely is I get a normal blood test every 3 to 6 months usually but lately its as needed
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Look into low adrenal function. I can see some of your conditions
as being consistent with underlying low adrenal function.

Here are some common symptoms of adrenal fatigue (not all are present in each person with low adrenal function):

Feeling tired even with sufficient hours of sleep/ difficulty getting up in the morning.
Frequent, often inexplicable fatigue
Insomnia (may feel alert/wired or  heart pounds even when tired and lying down)
Weight gain, especially around the mid section
Depression and/or irritability
Hair loss
Reliance on stimulants like caffeine
Cravings for carbohydrates or sugars
Cravings for salt
Low immune function and slow recovery from illness, injury or stress
Intolerance to cold
Decreased sex drive
Lightheadedness and low-blood pressure
Brain fog,  trouble concentrating or remembering things
For women, increased PMS symptoms or irregularities.

Another suspicion is low brain immune function (the brain has its own immune sub-system) and possible diminished low energy supply to the brain as chronic unaddressed imbalances lead to the onset of serious
conditions, which can explain some of what you're experiencing for years.

More another time, but please feel free top comment whenever you feel up to it!
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your very knowledgable in everything, thanks for the help!
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Anytime aly425.
It seems that people from WI are always on my path for some reason, whether online or not.

Can you tell me how far back you were having health challenges?
How was your childhood?
Anything that stands out at all?
I don't mean to pry into your private life at all- besides everything in this forum is anonymous- but I feel there are some things you could talk about
which may have a significance into help making some kind of a breakthrough in your life.
You are quite young and you deserve a break, so you can enjoy what life has to offer you, the best way possible.

If you feel like it send me a message ( from my profile box when you go over my name with the cursor).

Take care.

PS. I did a drug interaction check for the meds you're on and I got 2 possible major interactions and about one dozen lesser interactions between your meds.
You can do the same, just type "drug interaction check", or I can send you the results on a pm.
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