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could it be fibro

I’ve seen so many drs..with no help. amongst my many symptoms I constantly have intense pain and knots all over my back and neck. I had recently had a massage as a birthday gift and i wanted to cry it was so painful. I could feel every knot she touched. Which also causes my muscles to become so tight and rigid they don’t relax,,,ever especially my right side and foot. I my fists clench up and i can’t bend and flex my toes on my right side. my foot basically just drags as i walk. any advice..thank you.
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I'm 32 year old male, and have weird symptoms too. Just like you. I think we could have mayofascial pain syndrome. Which all that means is chronic muscle knots.

My brother is a deep tissue therapist, and he rubs me a lot. I have LOTS of knots. They refer pain when he pushes on them. But I bare the pain and help it releases the knots.

I am currently having a fear of fibo too... but nobody on this community seems to respond. =/

Get to feeling better. Do you ever get periods of remission from pain? My shoulder blades bother me quite a bit. And my lower back is ALWAYS tense.
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Sure sounds like fibro. I was diagnosed 10 years ago. I have muscle knots often. They do hurt and usually in the same areas, but have moved around. I do have most of my pain at night when resting; It feels like my muscles are being rung out and it keeps me from good sleeping. Do u have the trigger point areas of tenderness? That is a common thing too.
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Thanks for writing.

My pain comes and goes.

I don't think I have tenderness really.

I did have a spot on my forearm today that was sore to the touch, and the front of my knees, near my knee cap one day felt sore if I pressed in on it. But that's gone now.

I saw my GP today, and I think it's time for me to find a new doctor.

He told me that there is "nothing wrong with me", and I believe him that there is nothing seriously wrong with me. And my anxiety is currently out of control with the obsessive thinking. It's killing my appetite etc.

He told me I can do a couple of things.

He can do some blood work to see if there is any inflammation (which he doubts there will be b/c last Summer he did blood work when I was having bad back pain and it came out normal.)

or... my 2nd option is to take an antidepressant every day and see how I do.

That's it!!

I told him, I'm no longer going to put chemicals in my body, but did want to get to the bottom of the unexplained muscle pain.

He just left it at that.

I think I'm going to let him do the blood panel, but make him do MORE than just your standard blood panel.

I want him to do a RA blood panel (inflammation etc.), a complete vitamin blood panel, thyroid, a fatigue blood panel and possibly a lupus panel.

If those ALL come out negative, and normal... then I will seek another doctor, OR go straight to a rheumatoid doctor who can weed out the rest.

My aunt tried to calm my anxiety today, bless her heart. She has fibro.

She told me that she still thinks that I do not have it. However, she said "even if you do, it can't kill you... it can just be a nuisance, and over time you'll learn to ignore it, and cope better."

Gotta look at the positive right? :)

And who knows... maybe this is all anxiety and or depression.

I do know, that this too shall pass and other than these mystery symptoms, I'm completely healthy. :)
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I suffered for 2 1/2 years and went thru multiple Drs. who could not figure out my pain and fatigue symptoms. Finally, desperately, I started calling around to local clinics and asking if any of their Drs. were knowledgeable of or treated Fibromyalgia. I found one, set up appt., and after one simple test, was diagnosed of having significant Fibromyalgia. Been treated for about a year and a half now and finally got my life back!!
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