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heart palpatations

I have a fluttery feeling/heaviness in my chest.  Is this associated with fibromyalgia?  I do have a mild mitro-valve prolapse with a little bit of regurgitation.
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Hi Kara.

Well, first you may want to look into a blood volume test which measures the red cell volume in ml to body weight in kg. The normal would be 30ml/1kg red cell volume per Kilogram of body weight. Any result of >15%
less volume would be indicative of an underlying  Pathogenic Mycoplasma Infection and/or co-infection.

The other preliminary test for such an infectious condition would be the 24H Holter ECG.
The clinician should be looking for T-Wave pattern abnormalities, where instead of peaks there are valleys and inversions, in which case the
blood in the left ventricle is not being pumped up through the aorta,
and some tissue scarring occurring in the left ventricle.

So the physical evidence would be there, including irregular heart beat and
some possible scarring, with everything else showing normal.
It is one of those situations where if the doctor is not looking for it, it will be most likely missed!

Cardio-muscular pain and /or heaviness - left sided is predominately
suspicious as it may involve the left ventricle- along  the nerve pathway, would be consistent with MVP and low blood volume.
Any onset of fatigue, generalized and extremities , would be linked mostly to
suspected low blood volume, and to a lesser degree to cardio-muscular
deficiency, leading to abnormal upper body breathing  thus resulting in the production of excess lactic acid.

Magnesium (tissue levels)  and Co-Q10 deficiency, are very common with such conditions and should be checked as well.

Dr. Garth Nicolson, who has contributed many times in the past here, has an excellent website with tons of information about these infections, which are very difficult to diagnose and as difficult to treat. Just do a search here.

Finally hypo-adrenalism must be totally ruled out.
Remaining undiagnosed & unresolved will affect any organ and any system in the body.
Low thyroid cannot be treated effectively, until hypo-adrenalism is resolved,as the depleted adrenals force low thyroid function (low energy- survival mechanism) to allow for adrenal recovery.
Unfortunately this is not within the scope of conventional endocrinology.
I call this "intentional ignorance".
If you need more details on this ,let me know.


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The ECG report says "septal infarct [40+ NS Q wave in V1/V2]

I went to a cardiologist who repeated the ECG, which said the same thing so they did an echocardiogram and stress test.  Said everything was good except mitral valve prolapse (mild) with minimal regurgitation. - This is what I can remember as I am having a hard time putting my hands on the actual cardiologist records.
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