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myofascial/fibromyalgia electrical activity

I have electrical sharp feelings coming out of toe, rib, eye, fingers.  I know my electrical system is out of wack but how do you get it back and calmed down?
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Electric shock sensations in fibromyalgia are a very troublesome symptom, giving one the feeling of being wired up to a pulsating electric supply producing jerks and twitches in the body. It can be really very awful to feel. There are few drugs used commonly for relieving these electric shock symptoms like clonazepam, Lyrica and Topamax.Each drug has its own advantages and side effects. Do consult a doctor before starting any medication. Exercise daily for 30-40 minutes. Indulge in yoga. All these will help in overcoming stress and staying healthy. Consult your doctor and discuss your concerns. Hope it helps.
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