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scared mum

ive lost a child through genetic..rare,and through complications...ive had no answers..i buried my daughter 3 times in the alder hey organ scandal...somebody plz talk to me
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Hi thankyou so much for your response..i will look it up...you have so much difficult times too...i know u say your the strong one..or everyone expects you to be..but thats just like me....i hope your ok....
and mentioning poems...if you read my profile..or one of my profile posts...
it mentions a poem about
i totally love it and it inspires me..if you can find it i hope it inspires you to
with best wishes
with love
God Bless
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Hi lisaob1.

I replied to your post in the Grief and Loss Community.

It must be the most difficult thing to go through , as a parent.

My daughter, 2 days before her grandmother's (My Mom) passing last May, without even knowing that her grandma had taken ill (back in Greece),
had a very timely - at least for me- new posting in her blog titled
"The Everlasting Pulse of Life".
The YouTube clip she uploaded, is a poem titled "Pass On" recited by the young poet himself, Michael Lee.
I have watched many times so far, and I had tears coming down each and every time.
It was so profoundly touching and soothing as well.

I do recommend you look it up and watch it.

God Bless!
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