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swollen painfull back..is it cfs ??? very worried

hi... ever since i had my epidural last year my lower back stays a little bit swollen. usually no pain tho.
but the day before yesterday it started hurting and when i looked in the mirror its very swollen! it hurts to
bend down  , the pain continues to the center of my midback but the swelling is only lower back.
i have also been feeling very very nautious(keep feeling like i might vomit for the past week)
..im a little worried. thanks

[ i might add that i did go dancing a  couple days before these symptoms] but my lower back is always a little swollen
no pain tho..
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It doesn't sound like CFS to me based on what you have described... for whatever my opinion is worth...

I would however see your doctor anyway, its possible you may have an infection, or some kind of injury.
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Why do you think you may have CFS ? Do you have other symptoms ?
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thanks j_s_w....
because a few days after the epidural i had lower back swelling and migraines..i have been having horrible migraines ever since[i know that could just be hormones though]
and theres always a little pooch on my lower back[could be nothing though]
i just needed some opinions because it was suggessted by a friend that this is what i might have.

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Hi, saw ur post in the other forum, and I think u may mean CSF which is cerebral spinal fluid, as in CSF leak.....it is possible with an epidural to have a leak. U need to see ur dr and let him/her know about the swelling and the nasuea.

Fibro and CFS Chronic fatigue syndrom is something completly different. I know this can be confusing. I hope this helps!!

Good luck
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hey thanks!! i cant believe i got that all backwards....thanks lol
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